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Vegan Indian Desserts

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Chef Syed Abdul Attique- Chef Instructor, Culinary Academy of India

Most of the Indian desserts include milk and egg products whereas ‘Vegan’ desserts do not include any products from milk like cheese, yogurt, cream, butter and eggs or any animal fats including ghee and oils. These materials which are required to make desserts are supplemented with other material like soy milk or almond milk for milk. The vegan concept is the non-consumption of food material from animals and consumption of only plants based food. Even honey is not considered under vegan food. And ice-creams are made from soy milk and fruit juices like mango sticks. The philosophy behind vegan food is the extracts from animals or insects should not be used as these are against animal rights. People following a vegan diet do not use any product made from animals.

Generally deserts are dairy based and add lots of calories to the human body but the vegan desserts complements to the healthy diets and keep the persons fit with low calories and weight. Vegan diet is said to be a cure for many diseases as it is cholesterol free. Eat well nourishment including vegetables, natural products, seeds, nuts and grains, and maintain a strategic distance from or decrease junk and prepared food. Veganism is a method of living which tries to prohibit, similarly as is conceivable and practicable, all types of creature and creature source item, and wouldn't like to be merciless to creatures for food, dress or some other reason.

Vegan Ghevar - Rabri can be Served Separate


Bombay Halwa with no Desi Ghee makes it a perfect Vegan Dessert


Basen Ke Laddu With No Desi Ghee makes it perfect Vegan Dessert


Balushahi A Vegan Indian Dessert


Gajar Ka Halwa Milk, Desi Ghee to be avoided to make it Fully Vegan


Indian desserts such as balu shahi, boondi, gajar ka halwa, ghevar, imarti, jalebi, kaju katli, laddu, motichoor laddu, malpua, nankhatai, petha, sheera, singori, sohan halwa, sohan papdi, amriti, pithe ada, adhirasam, ariselu, bandar laddu, chikki, dharwad pedha, double ka meetha, gavvalu, jaangiri, kakinada khaja, kuzhi paniyaram, mysore pak, obbattu / holige, palathalikalu, poornalu, pongal, pootharekulu, qubani ka meetha, sajjige, unni appam, kajjikaya, anarsa, dhondas, kaju katli, mahim halwa, modak, puran poli, shankarpali, sutar feni, burfi, halva, kheer, and peda are already vegan. Other than these any other desert can be made vegan.

Vegan sweets are consumed in all over India and are getting popular among diet conscious people. Vegan desserts like petha that is made with only ash gourd and sugar is very popular in Agra and other sweets like pista barfi are famous in north India. South Indian states use more desserts with rice and coconut. Vegan sweets like modak, chikki and halwa are famous in Maharashtra. Vegan sweets are also associated with festivals like Diwali where more of such sweets are used.

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About 30 percent of the Indian people are vegetarian. The highest vegetarian people in India are in Rajasthan with 79.4 percent followed by Haryana with 69.25 percent, Punjab with 66.75 percent, in Gujarat with 60.95 percent and Madhya Pradesh with 50.95 percent as per the government of India survey 2018. According to the National Family Health Survey 2005-06, highest number of people who consume vegan diet are Gujarat, Maharashtra and Punjab followed by Haryana and Madhya Pradesh. If we see Telangana case about 98.8 percent of people are non-vegetarians but they like to consume desserts including vegan desserts.

Changes are taking place in dietary pattern, health consciousness is improving, and vegan diets are preferred for diabetes and heart diseases. Stevia sugar that is made from plant leaves has become popular and consumed by diet conscious people and desserts are made with it. People preferring vegan diets have increased in the recent time as it supplements nutrition and vitamins with low fats that keep a person maintain body weight.

Transition is taking place from diary to non-diary, milk to soy milk, coconut milk and dates for sugar, fruits for nutrition, colour and taste in desserts. Therefore vegan desserts are becoming popular as people in India love sweets and can’t stop their temptations and carvings for desserts. Dry fruits give more flavour and vitamins that make the vegan desserts rich and healthy. Vegan desserts are not only famous in India but around the world.

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