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Variety Chicken Cuisines from 10 Countries

Hai , I am Ajishma. this is an article about variety chicken dishes.


Numerous cuisines now frequently use chicken eggs and chicken meat, which are both usually referred to as “chicken”.

Numerous techniques can be used to prepare chicken, including baking, grilling, barbecuing, frying, and boiling. Prepared chicken has been a mainstay of fast food for countless years. With lower levels of cholesterol and saturated fat than red meat, chicken is occasionally suggested as being healthier. There is billions of chicken lovers all over the world. Each countries have minimum 50 variety of chicken dishes. Let’s have a look into some selected chicken dishes from some countries.

Butter Chicken- India


The most popular dish among all Indian cuisines is probably murgh makhani, also referred to as butter chicken, and it is a staple in the majority of Indian restaurants. Kundan Lal Gujral invented the dish in Delhi in the 1950s, and he later opened the Moti Mahal restaurant.

Unknowingly, the restaurant's chefs boiled the tandoor-cooked chicken in a mixture of tomatoes, butter, and leftover marinade liquids. Unknowingly, they had produced one of the most cherished lunches ever as well as a potential world delicacy.

Hot Wings / Buffalo Wings


Buffalo wings are really named from the city in which they were first consumed, Buffalo, New York, and have nothing in relation with either the real buffalo or the American bison.

Buffalo wings feature delicate meat inside and crispy skin on the outside. A unique hot sauce made with vinegar and butter, together with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing, is the ideal way to temper the heat of the wings.

Buffalo wings are now a staple at barbecues, sports bars, and practically all Super Bowl parties in the USA.

Pollo a la brasa- Peru


Popular in Peru, pollo a la brasa is a dish made out of crispy, juicy, charcoal-grilled chicken that is typically served with salads and French fries. It is currently one of the most popular meals in Peru, with 27 million people eating it every day.

The meal was initially created in Lima in the 1950s with simply salt as a seasoning, but today the chicken is frequently marinated in a specific mixture of spices, typically including vinegar, salt, pepper, rosemary, chile, and black beer.

Hainanese Chicken Rice- China


The simplest Hainanese chicken rice, which was first created on the tropical island of Hainan, south of China, has developed into one of Singapore's most well-liked delicacies. It consists of fragrant white rice and bite-sized pieces of cooked chicken.

Soy sauce and sesame oil are drizzled over the plate of food. Also provided sliced cucumbers and a hot chili sauce. The scalding liquid is frequently flavored and then served as soup. In the nineteenth century, Hainanese immigrants brought the recipe to Singapore.

This well-known meal is often sold by street sellers in Singapore, who may be seen on every street corner. It i is also served in restaurants.

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Şiş tavuk –Turk


This Turkish staple is very similar to Arab shawarma and Greek gyros in terms of barbecued meat that has been spit-roasted over coals, with the exception of serving techniques and supplemental seasonings. But before roasting, chicken must be marinated for at least a few hours in a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic.

Turkish chicken kebabs are tasty and frequently served with a variety of sauces, fresh veggies, pita bread, and a side of either rice or couscous.

Tsukune yakitori- Japan


Tsukune is a yakitori variant that is created with ground chicken. The meat is seasoned and frequently shaped into small meatballs or oblong patties before being skewered on bamboo sticks. Similar to other yakitori, the meat can be enhanced with sliced scallions, garlic, ginger, onions, or shiso leaves. Skewers are frequently seasoned with salt or tare, a delicately sweet sauce made of soy sauce, sake, and mirin.

Typically, tsukune is served with a raw egg yolk and a variety of garnishes. The dish is a standard at restaurants with a focus on yakitori.

Ayam goring-Indonesia


Indonesian-style fried chicken is mostly made of bone-in chicken portions like thighs and drumsticks that are marinated in spices, quickly braised, and then deep-fried till golden and crispy. Since the meal is popular across the nation, there are many regional versions that may contain other spices and marinades, or different additives like grated coconut or rice flour crumbs. The marinade is often based on traditional spices like lemongrass, galangal, turmeric, and tamarind.

Ayam goreng is a staple side dish at Indonesian banquet-style meals as well as being enjoyed as individual dishes, typically served with rice and fresh vegetables or salads.

Peri Peri Chicken- Portughese


Peri peri chicken is a Mozambican meal made of roasted or grilled chicken that is frequently accompanied by a spicily creamy coconut sauce. The chicken is typically marinated with cumin, garlic, paprika, lemon juice, and bird's eye chilis before being grilled to give it a distinctive flavor.

The name of the meal, which alludes to its spiciness, is a Portuguese transcription of the Swahili word piri piri, which means pepper pepper.

Pollo al ajillo- Spain


Simple Spanish food called "pollo al ajillo" consists of chicken pieces wrapped in garlic sauce. White wine, stock, garlic, and herbs including bay leaves, thyme, and rosemary are frequently used to make the sauce. It can be eaten as a tapa or as the main entrée.

It is advised to offer vegetables or mushrooms alongside the pollo al ajillo.



Brazilian stew called galinhada is made with rice and chicken. On special occasions and during celebrations, it is a well-liked meal all over Brazil, but especially in the states of Goiás and Minas Gerais. The term galinha, which means chicken in Portuguese, is the source of the dish's name.

Even while there are many restaurants and cafés that serve it, it is also frequently made at home, and practically every family has a special recipe that has been passed down through the generations. It is advised to serve the meal with hot sauce and top it with green onions that have been finely sliced.


There are numerous methods to prepare chicken. It can be used in a variety of curries, on skewers, in salads, traditionally or using an electric grill, breaded, and deep-fried etc. The way different civilizations prepare food varies greatly. However chicken dishes playas a classy role in every dinings.

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