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Uses of Coconut Tree from Roots to Leaves

Can you think of at least 10 uses of the coconut tree?

Can you think of at least 10 uses of the coconut tree?

Who would say no to the refreshingly healthy coconut juice? But aside from the sought after coconut juice often associated with the breathtaking beaches of the tropics, there's many more blessings Mother Earth has blessed us with through this tree known as "Tree Of Life."

Nothing would go to waste with the coconut tree. Here's over 10 uses of the coconut tree that will amaze you.

DIY coconut broomstick.

DIY coconut broomstick.

1. Makes A Great Broomstick

Might not be as fun for kids these days but it was back in my childhood. And with that I mean being an older kid and not 4 or even 7 year old kid as the activity involves using a knife.

Making a broomstick takes time so it could be a great opportunity for the family. Talk about how your day went or that DIY project in mind while making your own broomstick. All you need is a lot of coconut leaves, a knife, a string for a tie, patience as it takes time and a cup of fun.

Use the knife to separate the midrib part of each coconut leaf. The midribs is what we need to make the broomstick. Once you got enough, tie it with a string and trim the ends of the broomstick. Broomsticks are often seen used in the Philippines to sweep yards and is called walis tingting.

2. A Clever Way As A Food Wrap

The leaves of the coconut is used as food wraps in some delicacies such as the suman sa ibos of the Philippines. Made of glutinous rice and coconut milk, this most loved delicacy is then wrapped of coconut leaves.

Coconut leaves use to wrap suman sa ibos.

Coconut leaves use to wrap suman sa ibos.


3. Need A Roof?

Not only the leaves are used as food wraps but makes a good roof as well.

Want to practice your creativity? The leaves makes wonderful walls, perfect when aiming for that tropical-like vibes. Saves you money on labor and material. Coconut leaves are often used as temporary shelters and makes great shades too.

4. Fire Starter

The dried flowers are used as fire starters. So is the coconut spathe and the husk. So set them aside and put them in good use. Some may even be making extra income with these.

Get cooking with these.

Get cooking with these.

5. Husk For A Firewood

Save the husks as well as they make good firewoods, but you know they're not really woods to clear that out. Dry them up and chop them and you won't need to worry about buying firewoods. Saves you money this way and some makes extra income by selling them for this purpose.

6. Charcoal

Save those coconut shells for these. Charcoals from coconut shell is another great way for a livelihood source or for your own use. You wouldn't have to worry about buying charcoal again if you have plenty of shells laying around or lives in a coconut grove.

Keep that floor shiny.

Keep that floor shiny.

7. Clever Way To Keep Your Floor Shiny

Another part of my childhood and school days are these. Lucky if you live around coconut groves as that will provide you firewoods and a source of income selling them for that purpose but use that husk as well to keep your floor shiny. A good way to keep that body moving and no need to spend for a wood floor cleaner. Cut that dried coconut in half and with a floor wax, do some foot work.

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8. Plant Liners

Indeed nothing goes to waste with the coconut tree. You might be very much familiar seeing this product in the garden - plant liners.

There's another used of coconut fibers that is worth a mention. That is as a scrubber. Try it with your dirty pots and pans sometimes.


9. Need A Ladle?

There's more uses for the coconut shell if you think it ends with the charcoal. A ladle for the kitchen and it makes a good dipper. That is just two of many other things created by coconut shells. It makes a unique soup bowl as well, made into key chains, as planters and is used in many crafts.

Ca you think of any other fantastic way to use coconut shells? The idea is endless.


10. The wood

Either it's home building or creating a bridge, the coconut wood is sought after. Used in crafts as well as furnitures and as a firewood.


10. Food and Drink

At last, the refreshing coconut juice and meat. Keep those teeth and bones strong and healthy by consuming the juice and coconut meat. Aside from being naturally sweet and a favorite thirst quencher,consuming the juice provides fiber which aids in good bowel movement. It is also used to treat or prevent dehydration as it can be absorb easily by the body. With the calcium and protein that we get from drinking the coconut juice helping our body's maintenance, it is indeed more than a refreshing drink. And be creative in the kitchen if you love making desserts, coconut meat is used as topping.

11. Coconut Wine

Wine can be made from the coconut sap. This coconut wine is known as tuba in the Philippines. The collected sap is then fermented, an alcoholic beverage enjoyed by the locals.

Would you like a wine?

Would you like a wine?


12. Coconut Oil

Not only useful in the kitchen but as a beauty secret as well. Being rich in E vitamin, the coconut oil is used for the skin and hair. Makes a wonderful massage oil as well to relax those tired muscles.

Many Uses ff the Different Parts of the Coconut Tree

From The FruitFrom The WoodFrom The LeavesFrom The Roots

ladle from the shell


dessert wrappers

dye making

dessert toppings from the meat


roofing thatch





mouth wash

coconut wine

home building

nipa hut walls


coconut milk

wood floors




tool shed











plant liners








With all these many uses of the coconut tree, no wonder it earned the title "The Tree Of Life."

Do you know of any other used of the coconut tree that you want to be added on the list? Feel free to leave a comment below.


precy anza (author) from USA on October 26, 2012:

Yeah, you can use every part of this tree :) Also had seen my parents made massage oil from the pulps. :) Thanks for dropping by and commenting CenterAll72

CenterAll72 from New York on October 23, 2012:

This opened my eyes to how all the parts of the Coconut Tree is used. Americans need to learn how valuable this Tree really is.

precy anza (author) from USA on June 13, 2012:

@ Dr. Funom Makama: Thank you ^-^' Of all those that can be made from the tree, I'd always go with the food specially desserts :)

@ Sacramentobbroker: Yeah, I believed I had mentioned most if not all. :) Thank you for dropping by and reading.

sacramentobbroker on June 13, 2012:

I like the details. You got it all covered. Keep up the good work. Great hub. Thanks for sharing.

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