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Turkey Fryer Cooking Time Chart

When using a turkey fryer it is critical to know how long to cook your bird. The chart below will tell you how much time is needed to safely cook your bird in a turkey fryer.

Type of Bird Oil Temperature Fry Time Per Pound 

whole turkey 

350 degrees F 

3 minutes 

whole chicken 

350 degrees F 

7 minutes 

whole duck 

350 degrees F 

10 minutes 

cornish hen

350 degrees F

8 minutes

turkey breast with bone

350 degrees F

8 minutes

turkey legs

350 degrees F

8 minutes

  • A deep fry thermometer will be needed to monitor the oil temperature.
  • The chart above is a guideline only. When deep frying poultry, always use an instant read thermometer to ensure your food is cooked through.

The most important part of frying a turkey is safety. Please take a moment to reference the valuable information provided through the links below.

  • Turkey Frying Safety Tips
    Always read the instruction manual that came with your particular model of turkey fryer. Follow those instructions carefully. Never use an open-flame type fryer (such as a propane-fueled unit) indoors. These...
  • How To Determine How Much Oil Is Needed To Deep Fry A Turkey
    The amount of oil needed to deep fry a turkey will depend upon both the size of your bird, and the model of your turkey fryer. Please use the simple method below to calculate precisely how much oil you will...


Ken McLean on March 08, 2016:

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I have a butterball electric turkey fryer . lost my book for it. how long will it take to cook a 3lb. turkey breast??

Duce Arendell on March 20, 2011:

I have a turkey fryer, and love it. I've deep-fried turkeys, hens and chickens in it, but I never tried a duck before. What does a duck taste like? I guess I'll have to try it and find out. Also I have deep fried candybars, oreo cookies, and HotPockets, all of which are to die for. Unhealthy...perhaps Delicious...Hell Ya!

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