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Try This Breakfast Instead

Published food writer and blogger takes a blow torch to all things about living a healthy lifestyle and choosing better food options


I've long given up on commercial breakfast cereals to be a good start to the day. No matter what the fortified advertisements tell you some are not a healthy option at all. Whether high in sugar or enough salt to rival a packet of crisps you may find more fibre in the packaging. For the time it takes me to peel or chop up fresh fruit, I admit the commercial cereal consumer would have been at work for at least half an hour before I've even got a bowl on the table. The rushed breakfast might work for some parts of our lives but I find that inadequate breakfast only leads to being ready to eat the leg off a chair by 9:30 (or the arse out of a ragdoll, as we used to say). So with breakfast in mind I'm pleased it's the beginning of apple season. We've planted our own apple trees but they're a bit young to be filling any fruit bowl this year so we'll rely on the varieties at the farmers' markets. The 'Guy with the Apples' as he's known around here will tell you that if you come back next week and buy the same apples, they will taste different than the ones you bought last week. Picked a week later generates more intensity of flavour. But be aware the variety will only only be available for a few weeks before another one kicks in ready for picking. Apple varieties are marvellous like that. They don't all ripen at once. So with the fridge hurling apples at us as soon as the door is opened, we continue to enjoy the crispness, flavour and watery crunch that a non warehoused, and much travelled apple provides. That means no glue from stickers and no bag with a barcode. No taste of long stored, pasty and spongy apple that requires furniture polish to look desirable. I've been so tempted to ask my local big glossy supermarket when they will be getting in the Cox Pippins or Lady in the Snow. Who knew there were more varieties than red and green!! So plate in hand I'll chop up apple matchsticks cut thin and looking stick like, and a good lump of a good plain Greek yoghurt topped with ground up pistachios. I buy them in bulk, shell them and grind them myself. The stuff that's already ground is never as fresh. Now to start Monday morning. It's still morning yeah?

© 2022 Louise Bowers

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