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Try these Toppings if You Want Your Pizza to Taste Like an Authentic Italian Dish

Pizza Topping


Tracing the origination of pizza is a challenging task. While, the oldest form of food preparation that was close to today’s pizza, was first found in Italy, what we have today is definitely an evolved variation.

However, despite all the debates, pizza is considered a food of Italian origin. But, in India, most of the pizzerias serve American style of pizzas. So, I thought of listing toppings the novices can try to get the real taste of an authentic pizza.

Truffle (buffalo mozzarella, trufato): Fill your mouth with the richness of buffalo mozzarella with every bite of this creamy, savory topping. Whoever has had truffle, know it really well that truffle upgrades the flavors of any food item instantly. Order a pizza with truffle toppings from a reliable Italian pizza supplier. I am sure you would love it more than the classic tomato sauce.

Burrata: After you are done trying Mozarella, if you want to try something different, go for burrata, a lighter, softer, and more flavorsome version of Mozarella. Now when you have this variety of pizza with buttery cheese, tomatoes, cherry, and arugula, you actually know what an Italian pizza tastes like.

Eggplant: Eggplant as a pizza topping is seen mostly on Italian pizza. People who are used to having American pizza, can’t think of having eggplant as a topping? With eggplant as a topping, you get to taste the best of pizzas. Eggplant melts in your mouth and the soft and rich texture literally upgrades the taste of regular cheese and tomato sauce. Moreover, it is considered the right choice of topping for those who want to shift from their comfort zone without making any drastic change.

Tuscan Sausage: Wish to add some kick to your pizza try the Tuscan sausage topping to treat your taste buds with a tiny hint of spice. It the topping is paired with a creamy white cheese base; you will ask for more of this topping.

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Pumpkin & Prosciutto: People who are used to the American style of pizzas might not be used to this topping. This one topping is quite unconventional and really yum for the reason that the sweet pumpkin sauce pairs perfectly with Italy’s famous smoky, lightly salted, and tender prosciutto.

Four Cheese with Blue Cheese, Pear, Walnut & Honey: This would taste completely different from what you have had in the past. Unlike regular four-cheese pizza, this is a sweet variation. The taste of honey and creamy cheese is balanced by the sharp flavor of walnuts.

This was about some of the most popular Italian pizza toppings you can try if you are craving for the real taste of Italian pizza. It is always a great experience to taste an authentic dish at their place of origin. But, since you are not able to travel right away, you can try some of these toppings in your nearest restaurants that offer authentic Italian pizzas. Do keep an eye on our latest posts to know more about pizza and food.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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