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Pakistani Food; Most Popular Dishes and Drinks

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Pakistan is equally popular and famous all over the globe because of its diverse and flavorful food recipes. Pakistan consistently stands at the top levels for food with its mouthwatering karahi, Nihari, Lassi, and most favorite biryani. Food additionally one thing that connects the people of various religions and cultures in one bond. People belonging to any culture and country are die-heart fans of traditional Pakistani dishes and foods.

Whenever we talk about Pakistani Food, desi food, street food, desi drinks and cuisine, we have a long list of food items to present worldwide.


Karahi is one of the most commercial desi foods in Pakistan. It comprises chicken, mutton, or beef according to the demand of the customer. Typically found in the street shop, the palatial kitchen of a local rajah, or any well-known hotel. It can be created by grinding all the ingredients with ghee, tender chunks of meat, cream, and spices. Now cook on a medium flame. This dish can be found throughout the whole country and served with roghni Nan and chilled drinks.


Nihari is one of the most savory and notable mouthwatering dishes across the entire country. It is a combination of ghee, beef, and dry species which cooks on medium flame overnight to deliver a yummy taste and flavor. After the whole cooking process, it is embellished and garnished with green chili, ginger slices, and lemon. Nihari is served with Nan and tea at breakfast to make your day.


Biryani remains an all-time favorite and popular among people. It is almost served throughout the country, any hotel, any Dhaba, everywhere. Biryani is included in the menu in any get to gather. It might be a family gathering, marriage ceremony, or any gathering. Utmost difference between biryani and pulao, pulao prepared by placing all the ingredients at once and in one place but korma and rice are separately cooked and later mixed to bring an incredible taste and flavor to the biryani. Ultimately, beautify with garlic, coriander, and carrot slices and then served with raita and cold drinks.


Paaya is one of the best among all Pakistani dishes. In Urdu, paaya means legs, which might be a goat and cow’s legs. The recipe is relatively complicated in its cooking. It is slowly cooked for hours, usually a night before serving it to bring incredible taste and flavor to the dish. The ingredients consumed for this dish are ghee with spices curry, paaya, bones, and onions. People prefer to have it with hot and fresh roti, Nan and some people like fresh parathas with paaya.

Halwa Puri

One of the most appreciated Pakistani breakfasts is Halwa puri. Every Pakistani is found of halwa puri at breakfast, sitting and chuckling with family members enjoying the breakfast. Puris are thinly rolled dough prepared from wheat flour and halwa is a sweet dish made up of semolina and Channy. One cup of Doodh Patti represents an ideal combination with this breakfast.


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After having heavy meat meals in Pakistan, you will enjoy the crisp and refreshing custom of enjoying desi drink lassi. The first method of preparing lassi is easy, add yogurt, water, salt, or sugar and then put ice cubes in a juicer, and here you go. The second method is quite complex and traditional.


Saag is a typical traditional desi dish commonly found in the Punjab province of Pakistan in winter, also termed mustard grains. If you have a trip to Pakistan, you hear about Sarson ka saag or makai ki roti. Chiefly served with desi Makhan and a vast glass of lassi.


Sajji is an all-time favorite recipe served both in winter and summer. Sajji is not bound to any season contrary to other food recipes and locally present any time of year. Sajji can be made from many types of meat but usually prepared from chicken. The first step starts with cleaning chicken from the inside and in the second step after placing exotic spices for marinating to deliver it a unique taste. People like to enjoy it with hot roti, Nan, and parathas with chutney and drinks.


Another delicious Pakistani dish from Gilgit-Baltistan traditionally consumed to warm oneself after an outing in the mountain regions. It is a condensed creamy soup full of mustard greens and noddle decorated with nuts, potato slices, and carrots.

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