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Top 6 Benefits of Mango


Mango, native to India, is called the "king of fruit". This sweet and delicious looking fruit are seen in lots of Indian cuisine, and became popular among many countries.

With a large seed in the middle, this fruit is not only delicious but a nutrition bomb too. Mango offer some impressive benefits within its sweet taste. Let's take a look at all the benefits you can get from enjoying mango. (spoil alert, it can lower the risks of cancer!)

1. Low calories


One serving size of mango (160g) is just 85 calories, it's low in calorie density, which means that for the volume mango provides, its calories is relatively low.

Most vegetables and fruit have low calorie when it comes to calorie density, enjoy some mango before or after your meal can help you stay fit by not overeating.

2. Prevent diabetes's possibility


While there's an ongoing debate about the relationship between mango and diabetes, one thing stays true: mango cantains high natural sugar (20 grams per serving). However, you still can enjoy fresh mango as you please, because comparing it to other heavy processed food, mango have a much lower risk of diabetes and can even make your tolerance of sugar(glucose tolerance test, GTT) higher.

So enjoy one serving of mango at a time, and you'll be good!

3. Helps Digestion


Mango offers dietary fiber and amylase, which can help your digestion. Amylase helps you dissolve food into smaller pieces, and dietart fiber increases the size of your overall food and soften your poop.

When a fruit is rich in fiber, it stables your digest system. It prevents and relieve constipation, and keep bowel movement at a healthy state. So eat up!

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4. Nutrition


Mango is excellent in lots of nutrition, we search far and wide. According to USDA information (U.S. Department of Agriculture), these are the nutrition:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Folate
  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Sugar
  • Copper

There are two nutrient that stands out:

  1. Folate:Folate plays an important role in red blood cell formation and cell growth/division. During early state of pregnancy, people should consume folate daily, as it can reduce the risk of baby's brain and spine defect.
  2. Vitamin C:we all know the importance of Vitamin C, it is beneficial for your immune system, mango provide a whopping 58.3 mg in one serving, that 65% of the DV!

*DV: The Daily Values, is the reference amounts of nutrients to consume each day.

5. Good for your Heart


Mango contains nutrients that is beneficial for your heart's health, with magnesium and potassium, your blood flow will stay healthy and have regular blood pressure. Mango's antioxidant mangiferin is also good for heart health, as it can reduce inflammation and cell death.

6. Lower the risk of certain cancers


The antioxidant that mangos contain aren't just for heart's health, it can protect our body against colon cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. Antioxidant such as fisetin, isoquercitrin and gallic acid are important because they protect you from aging fast or having chronic diseases.


With all the benefit and good nutrients, mango is "King of the Fruit" as it promised to be, do we have anything to watch out for? stay tuned and find out!

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