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Top 5 Most Popular Dessert Places in Memphis, Tennessee

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This list is based on prior customer reviews.

5. The Ginger’s Bread & Co

Delicious tarts, cookies, custom cakes, and sourdough served in this place have made it one of the best locations for dessert in this city. This restaurant understands the quality of their desserts starts from the ingredients, so they focus on using only fresh produce of the highest quality. The sourdough bread is perfect in texture and flavors, and they are perfect with a cup of coffee.

4. Crumbl Cookies

The grab-and-go business is committed to serving the people of East Memphis with authentic desserts of the highest quality. Their gourmet cookies are scratch-made daily in their kitchen, and they have won many awards for the cookies. This place is tiny and located on a busy street, making parking challenging, but the services are quick once you are on the spot.

3. Butteriffic Bakery & Cafe

This place is committed to spreading love through delicious desserts, ice cream, specialty tea, and coffee. From their services to various desserts, they are top-notch, making this spot a must-visit. Their cookies are the best in the city, and they always have fantastic discount offers.

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2. Milk Dessert Bar

This unique location stands out for its excellent service and excellent desserts. Everything is delicious, and even the mini sizes are huge for kids. Their prices are affordable, and although it may be challenging to find parking, make it work and enjoy the delicious desserts. Moreover, they offer samples of their cookie dough and many choices of desserts.

1. The Cheesecake Corner

Amazing cheesecakes served fresh are what bring people to this place. Their services are not that friendly, but this is the perfect place if you are looking for delicious cheesecakes. Although they serve many flavors, all of them are mouthwatering. They offer one slice at $9, which may be expensive, but it is perfect for two to share.

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