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Top 5 Most Popular Dessert Places in Dallas, Texas

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This list is based on prior customer reviews.

5. Botolino Gelato Artigianale

Botolino utilizes locally-sourced Texas fruit and organic products to create a blend of quality tastes in its desserts. Their services are fast, and they have a great value for the customers. Their samples and varieties are unlimited. You should visit and enjoy new items.

4. Milk & Cream

It is a great place to grab a light dessert. You can’t go wrong with their donuts and ice creams. Their cookie monster with crisps is a great option. You can easily get in and get out courtesy of their quick services. Plus, it’s a good place to treat yourself.

3. Baldo’s Ice Cream & Coffee

Baldo’s utilizes locally sourced ingredients, and their desserts get served hot or cold, depending on your preference. The place has a cute ambiance, and their ice creams are a must-try. They have different rotating flavors, and you can choose multiple of them simultaneously.

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2. Cake4One

Delicious cakes are what you will get at Cake4One. The owners are wonderful and easy to deal with, and they will warmly greet and welcome you inside. The pastry chef or the server will take you through the buttercreams and flavors to help you make easy decisions on what to order. The place stands out as the best place for cakes in the neighborhood, and they offer great cake options.

1. Emporium Pies

The place smells good, and the atmosphere feels cozy. Their pie is the main attraction, especially the drunken nut. It’s delicious! They offer a chicken pot pie and their Pi Day festivities come with great options to try. Emporium Pies features a quaint and indoor dining area, and you will get comfortable with the place and the menu once you enter. Moreover, the staff is friendly and engaging.

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