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The Top 5 Cold Beverages on a Hot Day

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Summertime is the season for vacations, swimming, camping, and barbecues. This is the best time to enjoy the outdoors with vigorous activities. Many people travel, explore, and sightsee new locations. The children have no school and the days seem longer with more breathtaking sunsets. Summertime is one of my personal favorite seasons because there are so much liveliness and tons of ventures to do. There are many people who celebrate their birthday during the summer months, plus the summertime holidays are always a blast. The best thing about summertime is the amazing tan with glowing skin that is only naturally obtainable for a few months out of the year. Especially during the hot summer season are cold beverages a refreshing treat.



Cold Beverages

Preparing any cold beverage always involves adding ice, blending with ice, shaken with ice, or served frozen to create different types. Cold beverages can also be first prepared hot, then served cold. Cold beverages are the most refreshing on a hot day because they can quench any thirst. Cold drinks are also great for anyone who is experiencing a sore throat or a mild fever. Some cold beverages can be healthy and filling depending on the ingredients.

Consuming cold beverages is a great way to boost a person's metabolism and burn calories at the same time because the body needs to return to regular body temperature after consuming any cold beverage. For the body to regulate its temperature, it needs to burn energy and calories. Sometimes beverages that are served and consumed at room temperature can make a person feel sick to their stomach and/or nauseous.

What an Idea!


Cold Beverage Ingredients

Cold beverages are easy to prepare, serve, and enjoy on a hot day. Almost any ingredient can be used to create a cold beverage that is refreshing, but also appealing. Ice is the first and most obvious ingredient to use when preparing any cold beverage, but do not let this particular beverage sit too long because it will only get watered down. The second most important ingredient for any cold beverage is fresh fruit or vegetables because it has the ability to create a fruity flavor and with naturally added coloring. Adding cucumber to water with ice cubes is the most basic cold beverage to prepare, but the options are endless. Another popular ingredient is ice cream, which is used to create such cold beverages as milkshakes or slushies. Alcohol is another popular ingredient in cold beverages for an intoxicating effect. Almost all drinks that contain alcohol are served cold. Cold beverage ingredients are numerous, but always allow room for creativity and experimentation. Some creative ingredients for cold beverages are:

  • Flower Petals
  • Herbs and Spices
  • Candy

What is Your Favorite?

The Top 5 Cold Beverages

There is just something about a tall cool glass filled with ice and topped with something wonderful cold to drink on a hot day or when a person is extremely thirsty. Summertime is a great season for cold beverages to be enjoyed by everyone while playing outside and even while having fun at the beach. Cold beverages are the opposite of hot beverages, and the preference of beverage can vary from person to person. Many people love cold drinks that are refreshing and sweet during the warm weather and mainly summer time. So why not combine summertime fruit with the best cold beverages for a more enhanced flavor during the summer season?

There are many different types of cold beverages to choose from, including cold beverages that are prepared with or without alcohol or water and even cold beverages that are poured over or blended with ice. Cold beverages can refresh everyone and some cold beverages can even contain nutrition when prepared with healthy and natural ingredients. Cold beverages are best for hot weather, but can be consumed anytime!

1. Rose Water.

New studies and research suggest that adding roses into a glass of water for consumption is healthy. Roses contain terpenes, glycosides, flavonoids, and anthocyanins which are healthy and have anti-aging properties. This can help the skin to become plump and vibrant by hydrating from the inside. Wrinkles can be reduced and pores will tighten. Besides that, rose water can improve digestion and help to heal from a common cold. Roses are for more than just smelling now! Be sure to use cold water instead of ice cubes.


2. Strawberry Lemonade.

This popular cold beverage is only getting better. By adding extra ice and extra fresh strawberries to sugar water, and fresh lemon for garnish this oldie becomes a new favorite again. Also serving this cold beverage in a mason jar with a straw makes it really feel like summertime. Alcohol may or may not be added to this cold beverage, but either way, it is second in the top five.


3. Infused Tea.

Infusions are the new wave of cold beverages. This involves adding foods into beverages. The rose water mentioned above is infused the water. Infused tea is the method of combining tea with other ingredients such as jams and juices, spices and herbs, syrups and sweeteners. Infusing tea will enhance the flavor of the tea. This also alters the consistency and appearance of the tea. Some examples of infused tea include:

  • Strawberry, sugar, and basil.
  • Watermelon and mint.
  • Orange and honey.
  • Blueberries, sugar, and mint.
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4. Mermaid Slushie.

Blue Slushie Layer:

  1. Blend together ice, diet citrus soda, BAILEYS® Original Irish Cream, and powdered, unsweetened blue drink mix.
  2. Pour into a container and set it in the freezer while making the next layer.

Orange Slushie Layer:

  1. Blend the pulp-free frozen orange juice concentrate, water, ice, and BAILEYS® Original Irish Cream.


  1. Put the orange slushie in cups.
  2. Tilt the cups and slowly pour cherry grenadine syrup down the inside of the cup and let it settle.
  3. Use the end of a straw to gently stir the cherry grenadine into the bottom of orange slushie to turn it pink.
  4. Carefully spoon the blue slushie on top of the orange slushie.
  5. Top with sprinkles for a more mermaid effect.

5. Raspberry Fizz.

In a large pitcher, combine 1/2 cup of lime syrup (lime juice and sugar water) with cranberry juice, seltzer, and ginger ale. To serve, pour into glasses and top with scoops of raspberry sorbet. This cold beverage can also be blended together with ice for a slushie. Alterations like Sprite or 7up instead of seltzer or adding fresh raspberries into the beverage are nice, but this cold beverage allows for creativity since there is a variety of flavors of sorbet.


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