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Top 10 Best Restaurant Free Food E-Clubs

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L. Cargill, Medical Laboratory Scientist, ASCP. Retired blood banker and laboratorian. Loves to write about a wide range of subjects. Enjoy!

Free Peanuts!

Get a bucket of free peanuts and throw the shells on the floor when you dine with free food coupons from Logan's Roadhouse.

Get a bucket of free peanuts and throw the shells on the floor when you dine with free food coupons from Logan's Roadhouse.

Logan's Roadhouse Free eClub

Number One:

Logan's is number one because I get at least two or three high dollar coupons in my email every month. These coupons are the 'buy one entrée and get a second entrée of equal or lesser value free' types.

The maximum dollar amount on these coupons is $12.00 which is a huge savings on the cost of a weekday lunch out and about. Sometimes the coupon is for a free appetizer or a free dessert, but the dollar amount is just as significant.

Sign up for their free e-Club now and start getting these fabulous coupons in your mail tonight. Click on the 'Nut-E Club' link at the top of the web site.

The food is not what I would call "health food", but there are some delectable dishes and their vegetables are usually fresh. Beware the sodium, they tend to use a lot of salt.

Fascinating tidbit about Logan's Roadhouse - Kids and grownups love eating the free peanuts in the shells. They come in buckets. Then the shells are discarded right on the floor! Needless to say, don't go here if you are allergic to peanuts.

Free Food Coupons

Free food is worth clipping coupons for!

Free food is worth clipping coupons for!

Chili's - Free Appetizers and More

Number Two:

I love Chili's. It's close to where we live, the music is always good and the service is excellent. If you love hamburgers, the Chili's Big Mouth® burger cannot be beat. Strangely enough, their main menu item is not Chili.

In addition to their numerous and frequent eClub coupons, they also have specials like their Two for Twenty deal. This includes an appetizer and two full sized entrees for 20 bucks. Of course you'll have a Margarita with that.

When you sign up for the Chili's e-club, you get an instant coupon for free chips and queso. For all the non-Tex-Mex eating populace, queso is a delicious blend of cheeses, chilis and spices. Tortilla chips are the means of eating this concoction.

Chili's E-Club

  • Chilis Home Page
    Find a Chili's location near you and pepper in some fun with our Big Mouth Burgers® or Baby Back Ribs. Make a healthier choice with our selection of Guiltless Grill® dishes, all under 750 calories.

Red Lobster - Free Dessert

Number Three

Red Lobster ® is definitely on my list of top restaurants. I get two or three good coupons from them every year. Joining their e-club gets you an immediate free dessert in your email box.

Their cheddar biscuits are legendary. My favorite menu item is the Coconut Shrimp and that is all I order. Red Lobster now serves this wonderful dish as an appetizer or as an entrée.

They call their restaurant e-club the Fresh Catch Club and it's a winner. Provide your birthday and you get a free dessert every year.

Texas Land and Cattle Steak House eClub

Number Four

If you don't live in Texas, you may not be able to find a nearby TXLC steakhouse. This gem of a restaurant almost got my number one recommendation, but they don't send out as many coupons or discounts as Logan's Roadhouse, so they slip a bit in the popular vote.

The steaks are wonderful, their shrimp cocktail is to die for and they have actual Sirloin Nachos! Bob likes the bacon wrapped scallops and my favorite is the chicken fried steak. All of their food is top notch.

The coupon club for TXLC just sent an alert. They will be providing a free entrée for all Veterans on Novermber 12th from their "Stars and Stripes" menu. It's free food to honor our service men and women. Sign up today!

Get Free Steaks!

Texas Land and Cattle Steak House gives away free steaks from time to time when you join their e-club.

Texas Land and Cattle Steak House gives away free steaks from time to time when you join their e-club.

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E-club Dining at TGI Fridays

Number Five

TGI Friday's club is called 'Give me more stripes®'. This is due to the red and white stripes in their logo. It looks like peppermint candy.

TGIF members get discounts, offers and alerts about special events. They offer free dessert or appetizer just for signing up. Then the perks add up. For every dollar you spend at TGIF, they give you a stripe. Accumulating stripes entitles you to more free food and offers. It's a win/win.

TGI Fridays offers great grilled food, good burgers, ribs, seafood and more. It's like a party atmosphere in there too. It kind of reminds me of how Bennigan's used to be before they crashed and burned.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Number Six

  • Free Birthday Burger
  • Every tenth item free
  • $20 towards your 6th visit
  • Exclusive surprises and other deals

Just for signing up for the Red Royalty club here. The Red Robin near you must be a participating partner, but most are.

Red Robin is most noted for their gourmet hamburgers and other burger type sandwiches, and this is because they are delicious! They are generally very high calorie meals, but there is a fresh garden and hummus plate that is very 'eatable'.

Free Hamburgers!


The Cheesecake Factory

Number Seven

I just signed up for the Cheesecake Factory newsletter which is all I could find in the way of coupon delivery. However, even if all you get is a scoop of free ice cream for your birthday along with your favorite cheesecake, how could that fail to please?

The Cheesecake Factory makes fresh delicious cheesecakes, they have an extensive low calorie menu and everything is so freshly made. You can even get a low carb cheesecake, so how much fun is this?

Free Dessert from the Cheesecake Factory?

The Cheesecake Factory will give you a free scoop of ice cream for your birthday, but I would rather have just the cheesecake! Yum!

The Cheesecake Factory will give you a free scoop of ice cream for your birthday, but I would rather have just the cheesecake! Yum!

Einstein Brothers Bagels - Free Bagels

Number Eight

Fresh baked bagels. Make a sandwich for lunch or slap an egg on and call it breakfast! Don't forget the cream cheese! Einstein Brothers has flavored cream cheeses to shmear on all kinds of bagels.

Grab a box of bagels for a business meeting and you've got them literally eating out of their hands. Just a little bit healthier than doughnuts.

Sign up for the brother's e-club and get free extras, specials and yes, free bagels.

Free Wings!

Number Nine

Buffalo Wild Wings® Grill and Bar offers all of the chicken wings and big screen TV's any football, sports loving man or woman could ever want. Did you know you can sign up for their Buffalo Circle and get some free food?

They have 20 delectable flavors of chicken wings. They come traditional (with bone in, but no feathers) and boneless which is not as flavorful or fun to eat, but tasty all the same.

Their menu includes burgers, salads, and some other stuff. The wings are what you should enjoy here. Relax, eat, watch a game.

Free Buffalo Wings

Longhorn SteakHouse Free Appetizer

Number Ten

Although Longhorn SteakHouse has really great appetizers, their entrees aren't all that hot. So, eat here for lunch, get your free appetizer for signing up and move on.

They do, however send out coupons frequently, so there is a chance to save some dollars here. The coupons are usually generous.

The bacon wrapped sirloin is a good choice as is the chopped steak. These two items come on the lunch or dinner menu.

Free Restaurant Clubs

These restaurant clubs offer free coupons, but usually you have to buy a second item along with the free item. Well, this means it's not exactly free food, but it is a coupon and will save you some money.


  • When you sign up for restaurant e-clubs or newsletters, invent a username and password specifically for this purpose.
  • Never give them your credit card numbers or other sensitive information online.
  • Use a fake birthday that is close to your own birthday, but not your actual birthday.
  • Use a fake address or a post office box.
  • Use a phone number that links to the web like Skype or Google Voice.
  • Keep a record of who you sign up with. Don't fall for scams.

The Cheesecake Factory has posted some info on their FAQ page that states that scammers have been known to impersonate them and hijack emails and customer information by offering fake coupons. So couponer beware!

Have you used restaurant e-clubs?

© 2012 Lela

Comments - Do you like or hate free food e-clubs?

drbj and sherry from south Florida on November 09, 2012:

Thanks, Lela, for these restaurant e-club deals which I plan to take advantage of. And belated birthday wishes to Audrey - a fellow Scorpion.

chrissieklinger from Pennsylvania on November 09, 2012:

Who doesn't love free food! Awesome review and thanks for sharing the types of deals they all have to offer. I don't live near a Red Robin's but when I go to visit my family I try to stop at one. I love their burgers!

Lela (author) from Somewhere near the heart of Texas on November 09, 2012:

LOL - The carob craze has kind of left the scene for some reason.

Audrey Kirchner from Washington on November 09, 2012:

Oh stop--you are making me crazy--it's hard to find carob anything unless you make it yourself--Bob just winces when I ask now--got anything in carob? Yeah right Audrey--just brimming with carob doughnuts and cheesecake~

Lela (author) from Somewhere near the heart of Texas on November 09, 2012:

I forgot you couldn't eat chocolate. I shouldn't eat it, but can't help myself. Chocolate doughnuts would be my suicide weapon of choice.

Audrey Kirchner from Washington on November 09, 2012:

Ha--only wish I could eat chocolate--it's truly NOT fair though I've recently re-discovered carob and almost can convince myself it's the same thing....NY is my favorite--I just know I have to be Jewish~

Lela (author) from Somewhere near the heart of Texas on November 09, 2012:

We're all nuts, but I think you just may be a special nut, Audrey! Happy Birthday - go out and eat some Cheesecake. I know I would. My favorite is either the Red Velvet Cheesecake or the decadent Chocolate one. So hard to decide. Vote often and well :-)

Audrey Kirchner from Washington on November 09, 2012:

Well Dang--it's my birthday today and I so wish I was near a Cheesecake Factory--except you're right--I'd opt for the put that one in my head...I'm going to make Bob take me to lunch where I can get a slice of NY~~

Great info as always--I hate those places where you throw peanut shells on the floor though--something about it makes me feel guilty though I do it....I just feel like when I'm all done I should ask for a broom and clean it up~ Probably from my old housekeeper days--or I'm just nuts--could be either one at this point~

Lela (author) from Somewhere near the heart of Texas on November 09, 2012:

I belong to quite a few. We like to eat out about once a month. Used to be once a week, but now, with the economy the way it is and I'm no longer working, we have to adjust.

I really makes eating out special.

Marissa from United States on November 09, 2012:

What a great idea to share all of these e-clubs! I belong to some of them, but it looks like I may sign up for a few more. :)

Peg Cole from North Dallas, Texas on November 08, 2012:

Wow. This is a great recap of some of my favorite places to eat. I'll be checking into the coupon links you've provided. What a useful review! Thanks.

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