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Tomato: An Excellent Vegetable and Delicious Sauce Maker

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The touchiest issue to be done is to cut back on sugars and starches, or carbohydrates. After doing that, certainly, your hunger level will decline and your eating habit would be finished with significantly low calories. The research states, the diet having low carb effectively reduces appetite, which in turn leads you to go for having fewer calories. Therefore, the summary is, eradication of sugars and starches, or carbohydrates from your diet would explore the opportunity of weight loss.

You must select your diet which has got the necessary protein, fat, and low carb. To do that, some health-friendly vegetables would be handy. For example, tomato as a vegetable is used differently with our daily food menu.

Nutritional Value

1 medium tomato contains 20 calories and 1.5 g of dietary fiber. Tomatoes are also good sources of vitamins A, B9, and C along with potassium

Effective fighting capability

  • It is used for preventing cancer of the breast, bladder, stomach, lung, ovaries, pancreas, prostate, and many more
  • Efficiently handle diseases of the heart
  • Prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Provide you relief from a painful inhaling disease like asthma
  • Tomatoes contain an antioxidant known as lycopene that helps you reduce the high cholesterol levels
  • The vitamin C prevents premature aging
  • Tomatoes contain plenty of mineral chromium that helps diabetic patients keeping their low blood sugar level
  • We all know “Smoking is injurious to health”. It can't stop your smoking habit. But, the incorporation of chlorogenic acid and coumaric acid helps to prevent some damages

Some eye-catching features of tomatoes

  • It prevents damage caused by the sun and pollution
  • Vitamins like A & C are available
  • Helps to provide you a good skin as a gift
  • The scientists say, tomato repairs damage caused by smoking
  • It does play a very role for the pregnant women
  • Good for the hair

Tomato Puree


The Ingredients used and the Procedure to prepare

How to make tomato puree?

This delicious food-stuff, the most correctly addressed sauce significantly used by the people who belong to China, India, Pakistan, and even in the USA. We've listed here some top countries where this delicious sauce has placed a dignified position in the heart of food-loving people.

Time to prepare: 5 minutes

The cooking time is: Very close to 4 minutes

Serves as: 1 cup

The ingredients used,

  • 5 ripe tomatoes
  • Pure water

Necessary Cooking Utensils:

  • Deep saucepan
  • Either blender or mixer
  • Sharpe edged knife for ensuring a smooth and nice shaped cut

Procedure to prepare Tomato Puree:

Below are the procedures to prepare your favorite food, tomato puree.

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  • Go for selecting absolute ripe tomato that tastes sweet instead of sour. The red plum tomatoes are widely used in this regard. Keep those in water for at 1/2 an hour to remove any dist exist
  • Perpendicularly cut for two 1/3-inch deep (see that in the picture)
  • When the boil would start boiling, put the tomatoes carefully, and boil it for at least 3 minutes
  • Remove them from hot water and cool them down into cold water. Drain out the water and place those on another plate. After that, peel and remove the skin
  • Cut them into halves and remove the stem
  • After that, put them into the blender or mixer machine to blend them properly to make a proper or smooth puree
  • Wow! Your favorite dish is ready for use. Now go for cooking your favorite curry or soup with it

Frequently Asked Questions

How to dice a tomato?

The serrated knife having a sharp cutting edge is required for perfect cutting. Place the tomato on a cutting board and cut horizontally by halves, and slices into pieces which you want your to be. The next step is cutting each stack of tomato slices into stripes, and the width would be as per your liking. After that, slice those strips crosswise into dice.

How to thicken tomato sauce?

Add a very little amount of starch, at first. Then go for pasting the tomato to make it thicker, and that will also create a different flavor for you and the guests. Finally, stir it up and simmer it for at least 10 minutes to make it thick as your desire. Surely, the guests would like it.

How to core a tomato?

To the core of the tomato, use a small and sharp-edged knife to cut a small circle around the stem edge. By the tip of the knife, the core of the tomato can be isolated.

How long does tomato sauce last in the fridge?

The tomato can be preserved in the fridge for 4-5 days in good condition. Please note, most pasta sauce doesn't use preservatives as research states. The necessity of work to be done from your side is to cook your sauce if it has been opened and stored in the fridge for longer than 4-5 days.

What is the impact of using tomato on the face?

Due to their constrictive properties, tomato helps to prevent sebum generation on the skin's surface and appears as a barrier to prevent oil build-up. Furthermore, tomato reduces the chance of happening blackheads and whiteheads.

What happens if you eat a lot of tomatoes?

Excess of everything is bad. So, too much eating certainly fall you in severe health-hazardous issues.

Which juice is best for skin whitening?

9 Best Fruit Juices for Skin Whitening and Lightening

· Grape Juice

· Apple Juice

· Mango Juice

· Papaya Juice

· Watermelon Juice

· Pomegranate Juice

· Tomato Juice

· Lemon Juice


The kidney patients are highly prohibited by the doctor not to take tomatoes.

The Bottom Line

There is a proverb, "Prevention is better than cure". In this aspect, tomato as a vegetable plays a significant role by preventing some severe health-hazardous issues and helps you to live a healthy, happy, and enjoyable life.

So, start having it, now!!!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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