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Tips To Get Into Ketosis

I am a food lover and like to write on different diets. I have the experience of visiting many countries.


These are some of the best tips to get into ketosis

Rein In Your Carb Consumption

The most important factor to achieving a low carb diet is eating a very low-carb diet.

Your body cells use sugar or glucose as their principle source of energy. And carbs provide all those glucose that your brain later uses to perform all bodily functions. However, your body can also use other fuel sources like ketone to run the body.

Ketones are produced when you restrict your carbs consumption and increase fat intake at the same time. Your body uses its liver to generate ketones using fatty acids.

In keto diet, 70% calories of your body should come from fat, whereas rest 30% should be provided by carbs and protein. Out of that 30%, carbs are responsible for only 5% calories.

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Glycogen is the body's storage of glucose in your liver.

Glycogen stores decrease when carb intake is very low and the levels of hormone decay. This makes rooms for fatty acids to get free from the clutch of fat that amassed to your body.

Besides, your liver turns some portion of these fatty acids into three types of ketone bodies - acetoacetate, acetone and the most important beta-hydroxybutyrate. These ketones can reach your brain quickly bypassing liver and brain can use them to run your all bodily functions.

The amount of carb restriction to trigger ketosis depends on a person's genetics, physical activities and more. Some people may need to limit net carbs more than other. Some may indulge themselves with more carbs and can still stay on ketosis. For instance, in keto carbs consumption of a regular guy and a athlete will not be the same. because their physical activities are different.

According to the Atkins diet, at the initial stage carbs consumption should be kept below 20 grams to ensure ketosis is reached. And this particular diet advocates to maintain that carbs limit for the next fourteen days.

After the initial stage, you can add back small amounts of carbs to your diet provided ketosis is maintained.


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