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10 Great Theme Restaurants of Mumbai

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Great Theme Restaurants in Mumbai

Bored of going to the same restaurants? Here is something that will surely interest you and satisfy your appetite for good food. Theme restaurants are here and will stay for a long time. World-over theme restaurants are doing great business. Mumbai is no different. In fact, theme restaurants are now having a pan-India presence, at least if we talk about metros.

Some theme restaurants have got a name for themselves all over the world by coming out with different and out-of-the-box themes. Have you heard about Condom theme restaurant of Bangkok, or the one with toilet theme in Taipei, or how about "Dinner in the Sky" of Belgium?

In Mumbai, we don't have such bold type of theme but we have our share of good ones that one can go and spend a good time.

How about eating your lunch in a village even if you are in the city. Have you heard of the restaurant where the servers cannot hear or speak, or about the all famous Salman Khan theme restaurant. This list will bring to you just that; restaurants which are developed keeping in mind a specific theme.

Here are the theme restaurants of Mumbai that you must experience.

1| Village Restaurant - Indian Village Theme


The Village Restaurant, Mumbai

When you enter the restaurant there is definitely the ahh.. feeling that you just can't control. One step in and you are in village whereas a short while back you were in the hustle-bustle of a busy mall.

There is just a one-time entry fee when paid it gives you the freedom to enjoy food from many varieties. The owners have tried to create a pan India village restaurant. There is South Indian, Gujarati, Rajasthani among other foods that can be enjoyed. Any attempt to create an entire Indian village will have its shortcomings because of the sheer diversity of our country.

On weekends the place can be noisy. Families prefer this place as once you enter there are many things that kids can have fun. Once you enter you can be there at least for three hours. So it becomes a sort of small picnic.

Address: 1 st Floor, Raghuleela Mall, Behind Poisar Depot, Kandivali West, Mumbai.

Address: 2nd Floor, Eternity Mall, Near Woodland Restaurant Teen Hath Naka, Eastern Express Highway, Thane West, Thane

Address: Level 3, Raghuleela Mall, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

2| Pratap's Wild Dining - Jungle Theme


Don't expect a lion show at Pratap's Wild Dining. What scores for this restaurant is their level of service. Even if you don't get amused by the jungle setting your kids surely will enjoy every bit of this place. The food is good and the staff is swift and understanding.

Read Mid-Day's review here: Review of Pratap's Wild Dining

Address: 3rd Floor, Om Heera Panna Mall, Oshiwara, Andheri West, Mumbai Hanuman Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Official Website: No official website

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3| Hard Rock Cafe - Rock Music Theme


If you are a fan of classical music and just can't take rock music then stay away from this place. For rock music fans this place is a paradise.

The restaurant also organizes special shows on a regular basis. One such video is lined up for you where the famous Indian Ocean band performed.

Address: Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli Mumbai -400025

4| Dara's Dhaba - Punjabi Dhaba Theme


Now you might have eaten Punjabi food - at a Dhaba - then how about at an air-conditioned dhaba. The owners bring the traditional Dhaba and the unique setting for the people of Mumbai. I just love Punjabi non-veg food and visiting this one was a nice experience. The juicy butter chicken with the Pahadi kebab was indeed a mouthful, stomach-full, and mouth-watering experience.

The restaurant has been reviewed by many front-line newspapers, magazines, and T.V channels. Might be strong marketing campaigns but the food over here is amazing.

Address: Opposite Dhodia Petrol Pump, Western Express Highway, Ghodbunder Road, Mira Road (E), Thane

Official Website:

5| Mirchi and Mime - Hearing and Speech Impaired Staff


This is a special one by all means. Recently this restaurant has been featured in many a newspaper about its unique concept and about the food that it serves. The concept of the restaurant is that all the staff who will serve your dish cannot hear or speak and you'll have to give your order only in sign language.

Having said that as soon as you enter the restaurant the manager will acquaint you with the concept to make you feel at home. The menu has the accompanying sign language that one needs to enact to order the food. Quite literally one always feels till the food arrives if the dish you ordered is actually the one that will arrive. Feels good to say that they don't make mistakes. Quality of the food is great and by the time you finish your food you too will have learned some sign language.

Address: Transocean House, Lake Boulevard, Hiranandani Business Park, Powai, Mumbai.

Official Website:

6| Bar Stock Exchange - Stock Market Theme


Dynamic pricing for your drinks just as the stocks that are traded in the real market. Just that this market goes on till midnight. The concept of the stock exchange is rather a new concept even if we compare it to many others from around the world. It can be a pricey affair but the uniqueness has to be experienced at least once. No stag entry is allowed here which is a bit unfair.

They have an app which you need to download on your phone to know the current prices, isn't that something different. This has grown and grown big. With just one outlet they have spread their wings to a total of 7 restaurants.

Address: 89, Shivai Industrial Estate, Opposite Times Square, Sakinaka, Mumbai

Address: 1st Floor, Club House Equinox Business Park, Kurla, Mumbai

Address: 28, Ground Floor, Meera CHS, Oshiwara Link Road, Oshiwara, Andheri West

Address: 3rd Floor, Kenilworth Building, Off Linking Road, Linking Road, Bandra West

Address: Hotel Apollo, Lansdowne Road, Behind Regal Cinema, Colaba, Mumbai

Address: Senapati Bapat Marg, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Address: Juhu Supreme Shopping Centre, Gulmohar Cross Road, Juhu, Mumbai

Official Website: No Website

7| The Junkyard Cafe - Junkyard Theme


Want to experience food in a junkyard? Then head on to this junkyard theme joint. The recreation of Junkyard is commendable. The design of this one is entirely made from creatively using junk material. Food will cost a good two thousand rupees for you and your partner.

Address: 164, Hill Road, Bandra West

Official Website: No Website

8| Poush - Essence of Kashmir - Kashmiri Food Theme


Welcome to the wonderful place called Kashmir. This place is worth a visit if you want to experience an excellent ambiance and want to have great Kashmiri delights. The menu boasts a long list of great veg and non-veg cuisines along with some authentic Kashmiri drinks.

This is located in one of the biggest malls that Mumbai has and you won't be deprived of choices when it comes to restaurants. But next time if you happen to be at Phoenix Market City, Kurla then head on to this place and I must tell you this won't disappoint you. Take my word.

Address: S-25, Floor 2, Phoenix Market City, LBS Road, Kurla, Mumbai

Official Website: No Website

9| Bhaijaanz - Salman Khan Theme


This has written Salman all over it. And quite literally. More than a restaurant it can be classified as a museum dedicated to Salman.

Walls adoring bhais posters are all over the place. The entrance is as well special with Salman's major movie posters with matching Rs. 10 note showing the release date. Then there are famous dialogues listed like "Swagat nahi karoge" (at the entrance) or "Dosti me no sorry no thanks". Also, has the famous lookalike balcony of the Galaxy apartment. Each and every part of this joint is made keeping in mind Salman's preferences. This goes without saying that the owners are big fan's of Salman, just like me.

Address: G2, White Rose Building, Rizvi Complex, Sherly Rajan Road, Off Carter Road, Carter Road, Bandra West

More Information:

10| Diva Maharashtracha - Maharashtrian Food Theme


I couldn't find a better way to complete this list than to end it with a Maharashtrian themed restaurant. There is much more to Maharashtrian food than Puran Poli and Bhakri which of course is good. Maharashtrian food has loads of variety and most of the dishes are worth more than the many other so-called international dishes.

Visit Diva Maharashtracha you'd be amazed.

Address: Plot No. 29/30, Shop No.1 to 4, T.H. Kataria Marg, Next To Goa Portuguese Restaurant, Matunga (W), Mumbai

More Information:

Reader's Choice - My vote goes to Mirchi and Mime

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Readers Square from Punjab, India on May 21, 2015:

Kannan, this is really good and I enjoyed reading it. I remember reading about the jail- themed restaurant and my little cousins really enjoyed at Pratap’s Wild Dining. It’s good these people come innovatively sound these days because the competition is not to be messed with when you’re based in a big city like Mumbai.

Voted Interesting.

PoojaMehta0911 from India on April 16, 2013:

Kool... I have now decided were i gotta be this weekend for dinner with my love... Thanks a lot for such a good hub.

Kannan (author) from Mumbai on April 18, 2012:

@Rahul Thanks for commenting and I hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling visit to Mumbai.

@Rajan Hi Sir, thanks for the comment. Yes they do deserve a visit.

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on April 18, 2012:

Kannan, this is an excellent compilation of theme restaurants in Mumbai. As one who has lived, schooled and graduated from Mumbai long years back, the Mumbai of today is a far cry from those of the old days.

However, it is a sheer pleasure to visit Mumbai whenever I can. It sure holds a lot of childhood and growing up memories! Next time I'm in Mumbai, i'll try to visit some of these unique restaurants.

Thanks for sharing.

Voted up and all across the board.

Jessee R from Gurgaon, India on April 17, 2012:

A very interesting hub here! I am a hell of a foodie and your hub here has just given me reasons to explore mumbai... where I will be in a couple of months on a trip! I will try at least 2 or 3 of these themed places for sure


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