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The Amazing Ginger and Why It Is Good for You

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Since ancient times, Ginger has been used for medicinal and culinary purposes. Ginger is one of the most famous spices and is quite popular with countless people for cooking, home remedy etc. From helping to subdue nausea or stomach pains or boost the immune system, Ginger's uses and benefits cannot be overstated.

The ways people use Ginger are numerous, in food, drink, medicines etc., and Ginger can be processed and used in different forms depending on your preference and purpose. There are fresh Ginger, dried ginger slices and ginger root powder.

The Benefits

Ginger has been proven to contain anti-oxidants, and several other properties that health professionals believe may help treat and even prevent inflammation, arthritis and other health issues. Its health benefits and potential function in reducing cancer risk, diabetes and other illnesses are also being studied extensively.

According to health professionals, Ginger may not only have anti-inflammatory properties but may also possess anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Hence, in the wake of the covid19 pandemic, many people started using home remedies that include Ginger in their drinks and steaming. There has not been a medically proven result to the effect that Ginger is anti-viral. Still, many people swear to the efficacy of using Ginger in home remedies to boost their immune system against the virus or any cold or flu. It is not harmful, so it can’t hurt to try it.

Other medicinal benefits of using Ginger include, nausea relive, improved digestion, reduced gas, prevents and relieves constipation; enzymes in Ginger reportedly break down and expel gasses in the urinary tract during digestion.

Ginger Relieving nausea

Several research types have indicated that Ginger helps relieve nausea and can help alleviate the effects of cancer treatment.


In 2010, a study that examined the effects of ginger root powder supplements in young adults and children undergoing chemotherapy showed that the ginger root powder supplements helped reduce nausea in most people who took it. Another review in 2011 also reached a similar conclusion.

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Some popular ginger recipes include ginger tea, ginger drinks, meat spice rub, curried chicken and rice spiced with ginger, ginger soup for cold and flu, ginger cookies etc.


Lots of people use Ginger as a remedy to relieve cold or the flu. Researches have indicated that Ginger's use could help protect the respiratory system, lower the risk of cancer due to its high anti-oxidant properties, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, relieve nausea, protect the body due to its probable anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, among other benefits.

There are several ways and forms that you could use Ginger; you could use fresh or organic dried ginger slices in your recipes and diet, you could also use organic ginger root powder in your recipes including drinks, soup, as spices etc.

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