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Arabic Cuisine and It's Features

Hai I am Ajishma. The dinings of Arab are popular as their tradition .come lets have a look into some of the tasty Arab dishes.


Arab cuisine, which is referred to as the numerous regional cuisines found throughout the Arab globe, from the Maghreb to the Fertile Crescent and the Arabian Peninsula. These cuisines date back many centuries and are a reflection of the tradition of trading in spices, herbs, and food. The regions share many customs, yet they also differ from one another. Climate, cultivation, and inter-group trade have also had an impact.

Dubai Cuisine will provide you the delectable flavors for those who enjoy food, smile. Here is a list of ten must-try dishes from Arabic cuisine.



consists of flatbread topped with herbs, cheese, or ground meat and is a common Levantine dish. It can be eaten for breakfast or lunch and can be folded or sliced similarly to a pizza.

For their family's daily bread needs, women would traditionally bake dough in a community oven in the morning. They would also prepare smaller portions of dough with various toppings for breakfast at this time.

Manousheh are widely consumed throughout the Levant, as well as in nearby areas and in hotspots of Levantine emigration.

Iranian Sangak


In an oven, the bread is baked on top of a bed of tiny river stones. Restaurants typically provide two types of this bread: a standard loaf without toppings and a more expensive loaf with poppy seeds and/or sesame seeds on top.

A delicious dish that has successfully fought its way to the top of the best meals in Dubai cuisine. If you're in Dubai, you should definitely taste Iranian Sangak. which is plain or rectangular in shape and made with whole wheat. The Persian army's customary food was sangak bread. With lamb kabab, it was consumed.

It is a dish that both foodies and health nuts will like.



Fatteh is a dish that embodies all the joy of a culinary enthusiast.

There are three layers to fateh. Chickpeas, toasted pita bread which I top with with olive oil, thyme, salt, and pepper, shredded chicken that has been cooked with Mediterranean spices, roasted pine nuts or toasted almonds, and freshly chopped parsley are all ingredients in Lebanese Chicken Fatteh. It will taste the chickpea-stuffed aubergines in the middle layer, and the final layer is the joy of all the two layers with yoghurt and tahini sauce topping. This dish is served in all renowned restaurants in Dubai.

Chelo Kebab

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One of the best dishes in Dubai is called Chelo Kebab, which is served with a pat of butter on kebabs and is cooked with basmati rice that has been flavored with saffron. And the accompaniments for chelow kebab include butter, sumac powder, basil, onions, and grilled tomatoes. Doogh, an Iranian yogurt-based drink that is occasionally created with carbonated water, is the customary beverage served with chelow kebab .

Al Harees


Al Harees is a dish made with meat mixed with cooked, cracked, or coarsely crushed wheat that has been spiced. It has a texture somewhere between oatmeal and gruel. In the Arab republics of the Persian Gulf and in Iraq and Lebanon during Ashura, Shia Muslims enjoy eating the popular meal harees, which is well-known throughout the Arab world.

The wheat is soaked the previous night, then cooked in water with pork, butter, and/or sheep tail fat. After straining out any extra liquid, the mixture is beaten and spiced. Clarified butter, sugar, and cinnamon are all acceptable garnishes for harees. The main occasions for enjoying this are Ramadan, Eid, and weddings.



This vegetarian dish is one of the many options available at Arabian Cuisine, and it is wonderful. Tabbouleh is a salad dish which is made of tomatoes, green onions, cucumber and also gives a punchy taste of fresh mint and lemon juices. This is foodie’s delight and a healthy option.

Kousa Mahshi


Kousa Mahshi, which is stuffed with rice and zucchini. Another name for this dish is "Dubai Special Food." There were numerous reviews of this dish. Try this dish out right away. We should try this alongside Lebanon wine.

Shirin Polo


Shirin Polo is a rice dish with chicken, almonds, raisins, currants, and carrots. The reason for this dish’s popularity are the crisp, superb sweet garnishes. It is one of the fundamental dishes in the cuisine of Dubai.



The dish is a great option for satiating a tiny appetite. A dinner in a loaf of bread with grilled charcoal and halloumi cheese that you won't soon forget. Kellaj continues to be well regarded in Dubai.



One of the top Dubai foods that people adore to eat every day is falafel. It is a ground chickpea, broad bean, or both fritter that is deep-fried and has the shape of a ball or patty in Middle Eastern cuisine, particularly in Levantine and Egyptian cuisines. In modern times, falafel is commonly served in a pita, which serves as a pocket, a samoon, or is wrapped in a flatbread called a taboon; the term "falafel" is also frequently used to describe a wrapped sandwich that is made in this manner.

Salads, pickled vegetables, spicy sauce, and sauces made with tahini may be added to the falafel balls as toppings. Falafel balls can also be presented as a meze plate or consumed as a snack on their own .


Arabic cuisine is plenty with a lot of dishes. The use of regional herbs and spices is a hallmark of Arabic cuisine. The dishes' flavors are enhanced by nutmeg, caraway, cumin, turmeric, parsley, and mint. The most costly spice in the world, saffron, is used in many cuisines for color and flavor.

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