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The Soft Bland Diet Food List for Diarrhea, Ulcers and Gallbladder Problems

The Soft Bland Diet Food List for Diarrhea, Ulcers and Gallbladder Problems

The Soft Bland Diet Food List for Diarrhea, Ulcers and Gallbladder Problems


There are a lot of reasons why you may opt to follow a bland diet. Whether your physician has suggested a bland diet or it has been established that spicy or acidic food tends to irritate your digestive system, it is rather practical to know what types of food are usually included in a bland diet menu.

Why You May Need To Conform to A Bland Diet Regimen

Your physician may prescribe a bland diet if you are suffering from digestive problem such as reflux disease, persistent diarrhea, peptic ulcer or chronic gastritis. You may also be required to follow a bland diet if you have recently undergone a surgical procedure on your digestive tract. A bland diet is intended to limit foods that tend to boost intestinal activity and that may cause irritation in the gastrointestinal tissue. While you are following a bland diet, you will have to consume primarily low-fiber, soft foods that are easy to digest.

The Soft Bland Diet Food List

If you are prescribed to follow a bland diet, you must certainly seek the advice of your physician or a competent dietician for a list of food items. It is not wise to guess at what kind of foods are bland and which are not because this is not usually self-evident. It is also essential that your diet regimen does not exclude food items that supply the essential minerals and vitamins that your body needs.

Following is a list of some common bland food items:

List of some common bland food items

CategoryFood ItemNotes

Dairy Products.

Ice cream

Because of the fat component in most ice creams, certain bland diets will entirely exclude ice cream. Some would allow ice cream in moderation or varieties which do not have certain types of fruits and nuts.

These dairy products are considered bland foods in general


Certain bland diets include all kinds of cheese. There are some which exclude the fattier types of cheeses depending on the particular type of digestive issues that you have experienced. Yellow cheeses are found to contain more fats as compared to white cheeses.



This includes both plain and flavored yogurt, however bear in mind that some types of food can have an impact to digestion.



A lot of bland diets permit all sorts of milk, including buttermilk, full-fat, 1 and 2 percent and non-fat


Nut butter

Based on the particular kind of digestive concerns that you experience, nut butters such as almond and peanut butters, may be incorporated with your bland diet. To be sure, check with your physician.

While fried and fatty meats should be excluded on bland diets, it is still essential to consume some protein. These food items which are rich in protein that may be suitable for you.

Baked and grilled meats

Certain types of bland diets incorporate red meat, although they typically focus on lean cuts of turkey, pork and chicken.



Various types of fish such as trout, cod and herring may be included in a bland diet.


Soy products

These include soy milk, soy yogurts and tofu

Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetable and Fruit Juices

Juices extracted from apples, carrots and celeries are usually suggested over more acidic juices such as grape, tomato and orange juices.

This specific food group can a little bit tricky for an individual who is following a bland diet. For a comprehensive list depending on your specific health condition, consult with your physician or a competent nutritionist. For the meantime, these fruits and vegetables are typically considered as acceptable in a bland diet.

Canned Fruits

Nutritionists consider almost all types of canned fruits acceptable for individuals following a bland diet.


Cooked vegetables

The process of cooking can make a lot of vegetables less acidic. Squash, peas and carrots may be incorporated in your bland diet.



This includes all types and colors of potatoes.

In contrast with most healthy diets, individuals who are trying to follow a bland diet will have to eat less fiber, not more. If you are following a bland diet, consider including these food items into your diet


In certain cases, your physician or dietician may recommend oatmeal; although this differs depending on your particular condition.


Low-sugar cereals

You will need to select basic cereals without the added fiber.


White flour pasta and breads

Majority of diets underscore whole wheat and whole grain breads and pastas because of their high fiber content; although, individuals who are suffering from digestive problems should try to stay away from these food items.

List of some common bland diet food items

List of some common bland diet food items

Foods to Avoid While on a Bland Diet:

Following is a list of common foods items to avoid while on a bland diet:

  • Fried foods
  • Excessively seasoned smoked or cured fish or meats
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Foods with excessive sugar or honey in them
  • Spices such as garlic and hot pepper
  • Sauerkraut, pickles and other fermented foods
  • Whole-grain pasta, crackers and breads
  • Whole-grain or bran cereals
  • Vegetables that can make you gassy such as corn, green peppers, cucumber, cauliflower,
  • cabbage and broccoli
  • Raw vegetables
  • Strong cheeses such as Roquefort and bleu
  • Fatty dairy foods including high-fat ice cream and whipped cream
Foods to Avoid While on a Bland Diet: Fried foods

Foods to Avoid While on a Bland Diet: Fried foods

Some Tips and Tricks on Bland Diet

Whatever your reasons are for following a bland food diet, here are some of the few things that you should keep in mind:

  • Dairy products are typically acceptable, although the physician or nutritionist will likely frown upon chocolate-flavored products or drinks.
  • Majority of bland diets focus on soft foods over fibrous choices. This helps in digestion.
  • While following a bland diet, stay away from alcohol consumption.
  • Exclude deep fried foods on your diet as well.
  • Stay away from greasy foods, particularly fatty meats.
  • While on a bland diet, you must also stay away from medications that contain ibuprofen or aspirin (Motrin, Advil).

If you are planning to shift to a bland diet, make sure to seek the advice of a nutritional or medical expert. You will have to make sure that your new diet regimen will still provide balanced nutrition. This will keep you from developing harmful vitamin deficiencies as well as other medical problems that can dangerously affect your health.


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