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The Many Benefits of Eating Cup Noodles

Yes, there are many benefits of eating cup noodles. This may certainly come as a surprise to you, but the truth is cup noodles can help you save money and get by without tightening your budget too much at the end of the week. While you might not want to eat cup noodles at every single meal, adjusting your grocery list to include a few packs of instant noodles might be a very good solution to tight budgets and a much healthier alternative to eating McDonald’s at lunch time.


Low Cost

The first benefit I’d like to share with you is the cost. Let’s face it, why would you buy regular pasta at $4.99 when you can buy up to 5 packs of instant noodles for a dollar? Pasta in itself doesn’t have much nutrients in it; what really makes a bowl of pasta nutritious and delicious is what you add to it – sauce, veggies, cheese, etc. In this case, why not buy cup noodles and add whatever you want to the cup to make it a full meal? I personally love adding ground beef to my cups; you can buy large quantities of ground beef at the grocery store and freeze it. Then, cook a portion and add it to your noodles for a complete meal!


Quick and Easy

The second benefit of cup noodles is the fact that they are insanely easy and quick to prepare. Instead of going to the McDonald’s drive-thru for your daily junk food fix at the office, dump a cup of instant noodles in your bag before leaving for work. Not only will you cut your intake of greasy hamburgers, but you will also end up saving money at the end of the week. Most cup noodles can be prepared simply by adding water and warming up in the microwave. How easier can it get?

Creative Way to Eat Your Cup Noodles

Typical Cup Noodle Content

Typical Cup Noodle Content

Try Some Instant Noodles

Cook Time for Cup Noodles

Prep timeCook timeReady inYields

1 min

3 min

4 min

Serves a single person with Tasty Noodles

Cup Noodle Cooking Directions

  1. Open lid half way.
  2. Add soup base.
  3. Pour hot water up to the inside line(indented or marked).
  4. Close lid for 3 minutes and wait.
  5. Stir well and serve.

Recipe Rating

A Great Side Dish

Lastly, cup noodles make a great side dish for everything! Whether you are serving steak, tacos, chicken or anything else, you don’t have to resort to the boring mashed potatoes and steamed veggies anymore! For a few dollars less (again!) you’ll be able to add a different flavor to your meal by serving noodles with your main dish. Many people think that noodles in cups are more like a ‘soup’ but the truth is, the broth is only there to give noodles a flavor; I highly recommend using noodles as a side dish. It definitely changes things up in your diet a little bit.

In conclusion, you might not always think about cup noodles as being part of your regular grocery list but let’s face it, we are all trying to find ways to cut expenses to a minimum. Instant noodles are easy and quick to prepare but mostly, they are incredibly cheap. Hit your local 0.99 cents store or discount grocery store for weekly deals on cup noodles; bring them at the office for lunch or prepare them along with your favorite foods at home and watch the savings pile up!

Place to Find Variety Cup Noodles

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Jack on July 07, 2014:

Cup noodle gonna shorten your life.. So better avoid this type of food..

Lori Collins (author) from Riverside, CA on July 01, 2013:

Thanks for the feedbacks!

Dan on January 09, 2012:

YUMMM! cup noodles!

jp on December 24, 2011:

I remember the days eating ramen almost everyday back in college...miss those days

June on December 23, 2011:

Any recommendations on brand or flavor?

Dennis on December 23, 2011:

Very interesting article...been interested in trying out some instant noodles for sometime.

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