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Beautiful Food Presentation Creates an Appetite

Delicious Cheesecake


A Pleasant Dining Experience

When you go to your favourite coffee shop or restaurant, it makes all the difference if the food or dessert you order, is displayed in an artistic manner on your plate.

I love this cheesecake and ice cream, that arrived with a little flower perched on the top, to make it even look more inviting and tastier.

Sometimes you get a terrible shock, when the food arrives at some eateries and just the opposite is true. Food that is plopped untidily on the plate and your cutlery has a grubby appearance, does not add to what should be, a pleasant experience.

Most places we go to, are a real treat with clean surroundings and great food. The people that serve your food can either have a friendly smile or a look that tells you that they would prefer to be elsewhere.

Franchise outlets are very strict and there are tight controls all round.
Have you found that your food has been presented to you in a clean and artistic way or do you find the opposite?

Beautiful Plated Treats


Relaxation And Ambience

On Valentine's Day my husband and and I went for a drive to Franschoek, in the western cape, South Africa.

A beautiful little village tucked away in the mountains. Here you find the quaintest shops and street eateries. The tourists love this place as the route to get there is so scenic and beauty surrounds the senses, around every corner.

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The one thing that this restaurant could do, was to serve us some delicious food and so well presented too.

We love to venture out to new places and find a comfy table and chair under a leafy tree to have a bite to eat. Also a nice way to break the afternoon drive, under a beautiful oak tree, with a lunch that is well presented and the service prompt and friendly!

A Great Restaurant


People Have Different Opinions

Chocolate Torte


When you find a place that you enjoy eating at, you will most probably visit the eatery again.

One bad dining experience can put one off for good, from visiting it in future.

Mouth watering photo


Beautiful Food Presentation


Diana Carol Abrahamson (author) from Somerset West on May 15, 2020:

I think that presentation is part of the whole eating experience, thanks Peggy.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on May 15, 2020:

It is so true that the artful presentation of food as well as friendly service can make a big difference. If it is done right, it makes people wish to return. Your photos enhance this article as usual.

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