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The Health Benefits of Black Pepper versus the Red Pepper

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In addition to salt, red pepper and black pepper are part of the most popular and used spices in cuisines worldwide. No matter the kitchen you enter in any part of the world, you are bound to find black pepper, red pepper or both. The compounds that are present in this peppers makes them not only an addition in cuisines for their heat adding factor but for their nutrient value as well.

Although these two spices are peppers, they are not related. Black pepper is derived from a plant known as the piper nigrum while red peppers refer to the capsicum pepper family that includes, organic red chilli peppers and cayenne.

Both the black and red peppers offer different nutrients and health benefits and have a long history of medicinal use. This health benefits and medicinal use of peppers is said to date back to ancient Chinese and Indian healers who used the black pepper to treat various illnesses such as diarrhoea, toothache, constipation, insomnia and even lung disease.

Black pepper is also believed to possess a compound that eliminates cancer-causing chemicals when cooking.

They also used red pepper to treat ulcers and stomach pain, believing the red pepper can cure fever and common colds by incorporating them in soups for cold treatment.


1. Aids digestion

The heat in red pepper comes from a compound known as capsaicin while piperine, an alkaloid present in black pepper produces the heat. Both chemical compounds are believed to improve food digestion by causing the production of stomach acids.

2. Helps to stop smoking and helps weight loss

Although the connection between black pepper and reduced tobacco crabbing has not yet been established, people attempting to quit smoking have found black pepper to be useful—taking up cigarette replacement devices that emit black pepper vapours to reduce smoke craving. On the other hand, red peppers have been found to help in weight loss as caipacin, which is a compound in red peppers, triggers metabolism that burns fat and helps in weight loss.

3. Pain management

Red pepper is believed to relieve headaches and pains in the body. Due to the Capsaicin compound present in red peppers, it is supposed to relieve diabetic neuropathy, which causes pain in the legs, feet, arms and hands, arms. It is also attributed to relieving joint pain caused by stiffness and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis.

The many benefits of caipacin in pain management are quite impressive. Studies show that capsaicin possesses the ability to interfere with the chemical that triggers the transmission of pain impulses to the brain.

Whichever pepper you decide to use in your cuisine, they are both beneficial to your health. You can also use both. Using red and black pepper in cooking is advised by medical experts. According to a study, they eliminate cancer-causing chemicals that form when cooking and have anti-inflammatory qualities, respectively.

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