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The Drink You Need in Your Fridge for Summer 2022


We’ve all seen the rise in popularity for craft beers. These brews were recently followed by the undeniable hard seltzer craze. That left me wondering – what’s next?

Could it be a shift toward non-alcoholic drinks? Sounds awfully analogous to an awkward middle school dance with the lights on. Seriously, when did O’Douls go from being the prank beer to the trendy influencer?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of any lifestyle choice that promotes health. But if you’re reaching toward a beer, glass of wine, or cocktail in the evening – the psychology behind that seems to be that most just want the buzz to unwind and disconnect from the rigors of the day. So, does the NA trend really quench that mental thirst?

Enter, Floral Beverage’s THC seltzers. Before you click onward because you’re not in a recreational marijuana state – hear me out. Floral’s THC and CBD seltzers are both hemp-derived. That means the cannabis extracts they are using are not a controlled substance federally legal.

I’m a THC-curious consumer. But I’m also not looking to smoke. Nor do I fully trust edibles. It just seems like a real time commitment and the inconsistent dosing isn’t ideal.

COVID has made us all more cognizant of what we’re putting in our body. What’s better than a calorie-free water that provides a zero-hangover buzz? Seems to me like the handpicked desirables of alcohol without any of the bad. I’m no doctor. And I don’t need to worry about drug screening. Delta-8 is new to me – so do your own research before you buy. But surely hard seltzers aren’t the end of the road for beverage innovation.

The lightly flavored cannabis drink tastes crisp and is perfect for a summer day. Take it from me and give this trend-setting beverage a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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