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The Best Place to Buy Roast Duck in Greensboro, North Carolina - Sakura - Restaurant Review

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Roast duck from Sakura Ichiban restaurant in Greensboro, North Carolina

very delicious roast duck

very delicious roast duck

The Best Place to Buy Roast Duck in Greensboro, North Carolina – Sakura Restaurant – Restaurant Review


The Best Place to Buy Roast Duck in Greensboro, North Carolina – Sakura Restaurant – Restaurant Review

Duck is one of my favorite meats to eat. Sakura Ichiban Restaurant was a great restaurant to eat food from and enjoyable roast duck is on the menu at Sakura restaurant. This hub will contain a restaurant review of Sakura restaurant.

I am quite a home cook, cooking many varieties of food dishes over the years but I have not yet cooked duck for myself and my family.

  • I was tempted to buy a raw duck in the supermarket last year, in preparation for Thanksgiving day.
  • At the supermarket, some raw ducks were wrapped in packaging and on display right next to the raw turkeys around Thanksgiving time last year.
  • The raw ducks were selling at a cost of approximately $35 each.
  • I decided not to buy a raw duck then and only bought the raw whole turkey that was selling at an excellent price at that time of year, not nearly as expensive as the raw ducks. So, to date I still have not cooked a raw duck yet.

When I eat duck, it is duck that I have ordered from a restaurant. Over a decade ago, I spent some time living in Washington, DC and there were some restaurants where I was able to get delicious food dishes containing duck. Since living in Greensboro, North Carolina, duck has become harder for me to find in restaurants.

Roast duck

In the past, here on HubPages, I have written a restaurant review about One Wok Chinese Grill restaurant on College Rd in Greensboro, North Carolina. While I did not mention it in that particular restaurant review article / hub, One Wok Chinese Grill has a good tasting roast duck fried rice that is sold for under $9. It contains generous pieces of duck. Nevertheless, last night, our family tried eating from a restaurant that we have never eaten before and this restaurant offered us the best roast duck that we have had so far in Greensboro, North Carolina. This restaurant is called Sakura Ichiban restaurant. (Ichiban is a word meaning best or number one in Japanese) We received half of a roast duck, cut into pieces for the cost of $14.99, with fried rice added for $1, bringing the cost of the entrée to $15.99. The fried rice from Sakura restaurant is very good tasting as far as plain fried rice goes. It is very tasty. As I opened up the container, containing the roast duck, I thought “Yes!” The foodie in me loved the presentation of this dish.

Our family has been eating a lot less meat lately than we did in the past and we were excited to share up this scrumptious looking roast duck meat, quite a treat. The duck meat looked even more appetizing than it tasted but it did still taste quite good. The roast duck from Sakura restaurant was prepared quite well and it was delicious with the accompanying sauce that was served on the side in a small plastic container.

We were very pleased with the roast duck from Sakura restaurant

  • Needless to say, we were very pleased with the roast duck from Sakura restaurant.
  • Other food items that we got from this, our first food order from Sakura restaurant were the Hibachi steak kids meal for $5.99. The $5.99 cost is a very reasonable price for this meal that is served with vegetables including chopped zucchini and a generous amount of plain fried rice.

While that was it for us with this food order from Sakura restaurant, we were so pleased with the quality, taste and presentation of the food that we will probably be ordering from Sakura restaurant again in the future. If we order from Sakura restaurant again, we will probably try a wider selection of offered foods from the menu. While we will enjoy the variety, we would surely do a repeat order of the roast duck as well.

  1. The roast duck was very good and we are so glad to know where to get it when we crave roast duck in the future.
  2. I will continue to be on the lookout for good tasting roast duck at other restaurants but so far, Sakura is definitely the best place that I have seen to get roast duck in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Roasted duck from Sakura Ichiban restaurant in Greensboro, North Carolina

roast duck

roast duck

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The plain fried rice served at Sakura Ichiban restaurant in Greensboro, North Carolina

fried rice

fried rice

The plain fried rice is good.

The plain fried rice, a very simple dish from Sakura restaurant is very good tasting. The plain fried rice can be purchased with a main entree / main dish for $1 extra or the plain fried rice can be purchased as a side food item for $3. (These are the current costs at the time of writing this hub.)

The white sauce, that has more of a peach colored hue, from Sakura Ichiban restaurant is very tasty

white sauce

white sauce


We have indeed ordered food from Sakura Ichiban restaurant on subsquent occasions and we have consistently enjoyed everything.

  1. For example, I also really like the California roll and the shrimp tempura from Ichiban Grill.
  2. The crab meat tempura was not quite as I was expecting so I probably would not order that crab meat tempura again.
  3. I continue to think that the roast duck is a great dish to get from Sakura Ichiban restaurant.

Overall, I really think that this restaurant is great!

Want to Go? - Location of Sakura Ichiban restaurant in Greensboro, North Carolina

What dish do you think that you would be most interested in purchasing from Sakura Ichiban restaurant?

I would rate Sakura Ichiban restaurant 5 stars among reasonably priced Asian cuisine restaurants.

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Have you ever cooked roast duck before?

If you were interested in eating roast duck, do you think you would be more likely to prepare it for yourself or buy the roast duck from a restaurant?

What type of sauce do you think that you would most prefer for roast duck?

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