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The Best Glasses for Enjoying Whiskey

I am someone that has always enjoyed a fine glass of whiskey and loves sharing advice. I try all kinds of whiskies from places all over.

Different Glasses for Different People

It’s a topic that does revolve around personal preference, but there are different glasses for the many types of whiskey drinkers out there. Some may disagree with what you drink your delicious whiskey out of, but never let that get to you. It’s ok for you to enjoy your drink out of whatever you want to enjoy in.

Here is a collection of some of the glasses for enjoying whiskey in. Some of these glasses are easy to find at a local box store and some may just need to be bought online. Some of these glasses will also cost more than others so be aware of that if you decide to get some of these.

Tumbler/Rocks Glass


This is most likely the glass you get your whiskey in at the bar. It is also one of the most common glasses in peoples’ homes. Many whiskey experts will say to not have your whiskey out of this, but honestly there is nothing wrong with this. This is a fine place for beginners to start with because they probably already have it and some may not be ready for nosing whiskey. For nosing whiskey, a glass with a smaller mouth will be needed. Honestly though there is nothing wrong with drinking a nice whiskey out of a tumbler and if that’s how you like it, then go for it!


Stemless Wine Glass


This glass is great and very versatile. This is going to be a step up from the tumbler because this is going to concentrate the aromas of our chosen whiskey in the glass, allowing us to get a better smell of it. Many whiskies have very fine aromas so this can definitely add to the drinking experience. The really nice thing about this glass is that it is also a common glass and it isn’t that much different in size to a tumbler and so if you have a whiskey that you decide should be had on the rocks then that ice will be easy to add in.

Belgium Beer Glass

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The glass that I would consider the most versatile of any glass out there. This one is not that common. It is typically found amongst those drinking nicer beers. This has a shape that is similar to a wine glass, but with a smaller stem and a more robust feel to it. With the shape it will also concentrate more of the aromas to enhance the overall experience. What is nice about this having a stem is that if you want to hold it by the glass to warm up the whiskey and release more aromas you can, but if you want to hold it by the stem to keep it at room temperature you can do that too. You have options with this glass. Also, with this being incredibly versatile, if you want to have a glass to enjoy whiskey in, but you also enjoy beer, wine, cocktails, and other drinks, they can all be greatly enjoyed in this glass.

Belgian Beer Glasses

Brandy Balloon/Cognac Glass


This one is known mostly as the Brandy Balloon and typically people drink brandy and cognac from this. Brandy and cognac are not that different from whiskey. The difference is really in the ingredients. Brandy and cognac are made from grapes and whiskey is made from grains. Other than that they are both spirits and both greatly benefit from being had out of glasses with more of a tulip shape. If you are in a restaurant and you would like to not drink your whiskey out of a tumbler to get more out of it, but that's what they serve it in, you could request for them them to serve it in one of these since brandy and cognac tend to be in a lot of restaurants.

Bourbon Trail Glass


The official glass of the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky is a glass designed to enhance the tasting of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It is like the others before in that it has a wider bottom and a smaller diameter mouth to concentrate the aromas of the whiskey in the glass. This is a great glass although unfortunately not seen very often. This glass is very much just a smaller version of the Belgium beer glass. It works really well, but it is smaller so it is more for drinking whiskey. This is, of course, best suited for bourbons.

Bourbon Trail Glasses

Glencairn Glass


If you have seen a whiskey review of any kind on YouTube, chances are the person giving the review was drinking their whiskey out of this glass. This is the most popular glass amongst whiskey drinkers and for good reason. It has the same aroma concentrating property that the others do, but the mouth is smaller. The top of the glass has a mouth about the size of a champagne flute, much smaller than the others, so the aromas are very concentrated. This is the glass that everyone getting into whiskey wants so that they can have the greatest whiskey drinking experience possible. They want to sit there and pick out all of the different exciting aromas adding to the great tastes of the whiskey.

Glencairn Whiskey Glasses

To Sum Up

There are many kinds of glasses to drink whiskey from and all of them are good. Some are fantastic for having whiskey on the rocks, having a fancy cocktail, and some are great for getting really scientific about what a whiskey taste like. Regardless of what people in a club or on the internet may say though, the choice of what glass to drink out of is really up to you and your personal preference and how you like to enjoy your whiskey. Maybe you like nosing a fancy whiskey or you like having it with ice. It’s completely up to you and never let anybody say otherwise.

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