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The Best Fast Food Chains in America


There are a host of great restaurants and fast food chains in America: from cultural classics like McDonald's and Wendy's to Five Guys and Subway. Fast food have never tasted better.

Today, we will take a look at the best restaurants and fast food chains in the country. Now let's get started.

Burger King

Burger king have been in existence now for decades. The fast food chain is beloved for its great grill tasting burgers. The brand also offers awesome fries and sweets.



This franchise offers amazing Mexican food. You will definitely love this expanding food chain. The food store has some of the best burritos and tacos on the market. Their guacamole is equally delectable. It is truly something to try. You can't go wrong with this wonderful eatery.


Panda Express

Panda Express is the top ranking Asian food chain in the United States according to the 2018 QRS 50 Ethnic Segment Report. The brand has really great Asian American dishes such as beef and broccoli, orange chicken and honey walnut shrimp.


White Castle

White Castle has the most loyal fans of any food store. The restaurant is most regarded for its iconic sliders and impossible sliders.



The franchise is a great sandwich place that offer amazing tasting food. The food restaurant have a long list of great sandwiches. Who can resist?


In and Out Burger

In and Out Burger is a beloved California hot spot. Celebrities enjoy their protein style burgers and animal style fries. If you live by one, call yourself blessed because the food chain is really a gem.


Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's is another great sandwich place that prides itself on producing fresh sandwiches to the public in a timely manner. Check out their great sandwiches, if you are in the area of one.


Papa John's

Papa John's is widely known for its better ingredients and there is lots of customers that agree. The pizza brand serves great pizza and wings.


Boston Market

This franchise is known for its great rotisserie chicken and incredibly tasty mac and cheese. You can always have a great meal at Boston's Market.



Starbucks has built a reputation for great coffee. They have turned it into a brand that customers love. If, you're not a coffee fan, you can try their teas and other great food items.


Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts is a franchise like no other. Their iconic donuts is one for the record books. I guess America do run on Dunkin.



The franchise offers a great selection of morning food. You can choose various tasty items such as bacon, pancakes, waffles, eggs and harsh brown potatoes. The menu is full of great appetizing food. The brand store covers all your breakfast needs.



The sandwich shop is amazing. They offer great chilli as well as salads and really good sandwiches. You will love eating at this place.


Pizza Hut

The food chain offers great pizza, pasta dishes and chicken wings. The franchise is one of the most iconic. Pizza has really never tasted so good.



Culver's is best known for their tasty butter burgers and frozen custards. Loyal fans love this place. The restaurant serves quality food


Cold Stone Creamery

This franchise serves up great cold treats and ice cream. The store has many great flavors to choose from. The treats are customized to your liking. What else can you ask for?



Their Louisiana style chicken is truly something to rave about. The iconic food restaurant is also known for its great side dishes such as their mash potatoes and red beans and rice. They also have great french fries and corn of a cob.

This chicken eatery is a great place for dinning.


The Cheesecake Factory

Do you love great cheesecake? if so try dinning at the cheese cake factory. You will love their large selection of desserts. The eatery also sell great food items as well.


Shake Shack

The shake shack burgers are incredibly delicious. Their burgers are cooked fresh. It comes with gourmet topping such as shack sauce and red peppers. The shake shack also have great waffles fries and of course shakes. Nothing really beats the shake shack.



This eatery is known for its very large pizza slices. It is a classic eatery with great food items to choose from.



Do you want a classic burger or really tasty fries? If so, check out checkers. They have some super tasty burgers and wings. The restaurant also sell mozzarella cheese sticks.


Tcby Frozen Yogurt

This is the place for yogurt lovers. You can try their customized menu anytime. The flavors of yogurt range from cotton candy to rainbow cream.


Firehouse Subs

This particular restaurant was started by two firefighters who happened to be blood related. Their subs are quite additive and delicious.



You can purchase the perfect hot dog and fries combo at this place. It is a classic spot to enjoy a brunch with family and friends.


Jack In The Box

The food store sell many tasty items. You will love their nuggets, milkshakes and even tacos. It is another spot that has something for the average person.



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