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The History of Dishware and Where to Find the Best Deals


History of Dishware

The history of dishware is one for the record books. Dishware have been in existence now for over five centuries. Its history dates back to ancient Europe and Asia where dishware was used for formal occasions and for fine dining.

The earliest dishware was known as porcelain and wood kitchen utensils. Porcelain dishware was widely produced in Chinese and Japanese societies for more than two centuries now. In Europe especially France silver and gold dishware was made available in wedding and other formal ceremonies. It was widely used by the rich but that change in the eighteen century during the industrial age where working households started using dishware for their dining needs.

Today, manufacturers now sell dishware by a variety of sets and for special occasions. You can purchase a bulk of dishware or different fine pieces of dishware depending on your individual needs.

Types of Dishware

There are various types of dishware such as cutlery dishware which include knives, folks and spoons. Other dishware include plates, mugs, cups, glassware and bowls.

In china, chop sticks are also used as a eating utensil and is part of Chinese dishware as well as rice bowls. In the United states dishware include salad and soup bowls, coffee cups, butter knives and serving plates for food items such as steak and dessert cake.

Dishware is used all over the world. In the middle east and Africa dishware is used for special occasions and events such a weddings and birthday celebrations as well as daily eating utensils. Some items used are soup bowls and dinner plates, glass cups and plates.

There are other forms of dishware or serving items which include salt and pepper shakers, teapots, sugar bowls, jugs, pitchers and casserole dishware.

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Casserole dishware is usually used for baking items such as lasagna, chicken, cake, pasta and vegetables cuisines.

Place Markers

Place markers are widely used for special events or occasions such as a wedding or a formal party. The makers are also used to seat dignitaries or famous individuals. Some makers are used as collectables.


Drink-ware usually include wine and water glasses, coffee and tea mugs and beer glasses. They range in shape and size. The buying public usually choose the specific glasses or mugs for their entertainment needs. Drink-ware is the most popular kind of dishware. It is also the most useful as well.

Where to Buy Dishware

You can buy dishware in your local supermarket such as Walmart or Target or at online retailers such as Amazon or EBay. Dishware is also sold at the dollar tree if you live in the United States you can purchase from this particular manufacturer to save much needed funds.

There are numerous places where you can buy dishware such as antique stores. Antique stores usually have hard to find dishware and utensils. It is the perfect option if you're a collector. You may find some really amazing utensils at an antique store.

The best place to buy utensils for an event such a wedding is online. There are numerous online stores that sell really beautiful dishware for your formal event needs. I will include some great Amazon options below.

Amazon has a wide selection of dishware. The manufacturer sell everything from glassware to bowls, plates, spoons, folks, knives, napkins etc. Amazon is definitely the place to shop for your party needs.

With that said, this concludes my article on the history of dishware and where to find the best deals on dishware for your individual needs. As always, I look forward to hearing from you. Please, leave a comment in the section below. Thanks for taking the time to read my article. Happy shopping everyone.

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