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The Best Black Vegan Men on Youtube That You Should Subscribe To

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Black Vegan Men


There are plenty of black vegans on Instagram and other social media platforms however, when it comes to black vegan men, it seems they are few and far between (in the public eye anyway) Yes there are some black vegan celebs like Russell Simmons and however, it would be great to see more plant based black men out there flying the flag for the vegan movement. With that being said, we have a few black vegan men to showcase for you. These guys are on YouTube and probably a few other places on the Internet. However, for the purpose of this article, we are focusing on YouTubers.

Torre Washington

Torre Washington is a prominent vegan athlete/bodybuilder. He has been flying the flag for the plant based athlete world for more than two decades. He definitely deserves to be mentioned here however, he doesn't post very regularly on YouTube but he still has some very useful videos on there that might inspire a few men out there to try the vegan lifestyle.

Akeem Pierre

Akeem Pierre is one of my favorite black male vegan youtubers because he has such a good energy. He brings some really positive vibes to every video he produces, his diet is mainly centered around the Dr Sebi style of alkaline eating. Lots of educational videos on his channel and a few recipes and demo videos too.

Scott Burnhard

Scott Burnhard is a calisthenics enthusiast and plant based food lover. He posts regularly on the Tube mainly focusing on workout videos and some What I eat in a day videos too. Excellent content, his videos should certainly inspire a few guys out there to consider plant based living.

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Eat Right Guy

Mr Eat Right Guy is a registered vegan dietician and most of his videos focus on talking about this. His videos are informative and educational with less emphasis on recipes and what he eats in a day. I would definitely recommend this channel if you are interested in becoming a vegan dietician or nutritionist.

Infinite Waters also known as Ralph Smart is a qualified psychologist and good vibes advocate. His videos focus less on food and focus more on positive energy and ways we can change our mindset. He is a vegan and talks about the food that he thinks we should be consuming to be happier and healthier.

Tatted Vegan

Tatted vegan adopts a holistic approach to the vegan lifestyle and his channel focuses on general vlogs as well as what I eat in a day videos.

Bam Baam

Bam Baam is a vegan fitness enthusiast, he mainly posts no equipment workout videos and a few what I eat in a day videos here and there. Definitely worth watching if you are interested in switching to a plant based diet but you are scared of losing your gains as a result. Bam Baam is proof that you can eat plant based and still be ripped.

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