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The Art of Deep Frying and Where to Buy the Best Deep Fryer



The art of deep frying is simple. It allows our favorite foods to be cooked in a crispy way. The main way fried food is prepared is on a stove with a frying pan, wok pan or a large pot. The food is emerge in hot oil for a considerable amount of time until it is properly cooked.

Frying food has become dangerous over the past few decades. Some ten thousand grease burn accidents occur every year according to recent studies. It is why consumers have switch to the deep fryer method.

Why Use A Deep Fryer?

The deep fryer is a handy tool for your fried food cravings. Who doesn't love deep fried fish, onion rings or chicken?

Deep frying on a stove can be messy. It is best to invest in a deep fryer. Deep fryers make it safer to cook your favorite foods. The device is cleaner and durable to use.

I must admit that deep fried foods should be eaten in moderation. With that said, the best deep fryers on the market allow you to submerge and remove food from hot oil without popping or splattering. The item usually come with temperature and time control mechanisms. These perks help regulate oil temperatures.

Types of Deep fryers

There are two main options for deep fryers: electric and propane. Both devices are easy to use and are preferred for indoor and outdoor cooking.

The electric fryer provides an wonderful cooking experience. The device is mostly used in a indoor setting. The fryers are utilized by electricity and comes with long and short cords. The device built in thermostat provides perfect cooking times for its users. Some models have carbon filters to reduce odors. The fryer also holds various amounts of oil ranging from two to four quarts or five to eight quarts depending on the model.

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Propane fryers operate differently. It is powered by a fuel tank and is made for outdoor cooking. The fryer comes with a basin that sits over powered burners. The device is used to cook large amounts of food at a time.

Air fryers are also available. It works more like a oven. The device is usually small. Food is prepared by hot air. It adds a healthier option for consumers who want to watch their weight.

Deep fryer Food

There are various types of foods that can be cooked in a deep fryer. The items range from turkey and many types of fish such as shark, tilapia, perch, whitening, cod and catfish. Red meat can also be deep fried such as chicken wings. Other food items include Asian egg rolls and shrimp.

The Best types of Fryers

The best type of deep fryer comes with an ample amount of storage space and built in timers for cooking hot food. Some models have cool touch exteriors making it safer for the consumer to use and handle. The best fryers also have break away cords to prevent tripping accidents from occurring. The cord automatically turn off when the oil is too hot. This is another great perk about deep fryers.

You can purchase amazing deep fryers on Other places like EBay and Walmart are also great in helping you find a awesome deep fryer. I will include some Amazon options below. I hope this article was helpful in finding a great device for your cooking needs.

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