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The 5 Strangest Restaurants In The World!

We all like to go out to eat. However, when deciding which restaurant to go to, many people prefer the taste of the food, and many people think about the environment. And sometimes we don't choose to make this 'eating out' completely different. Someone who is eager to bite a burger in a ghostly atmosphere; Again someone is interested to visit the theme restaurant once. Although there is a very strange theme, there are such restaurants all over the world, even in Bangladesh. But can you think of a restaurant under the sea? Or imagine how surprised you would be if two monkeys came and served you food! In today's blog, I am talking about 5 such strange restaurants.



The food at the Rangali Resort Etha restaurant in Conrad Maldives is similar to that of other fusion restaurants. But you have to eat that food 16 feet deep in the sea! Glass has been used in this restaurant under the sea as roof and walls. So while eating, the guests see the swarms of fish floating in the bottom of the sea, the extraordinary beauty of the green coral. But you will also find delicious food and good service at this restaurant. It now has a list of the strangest restaurants in the world, giving you the opportunity to experience this great underwater meal.



The experience of eating at this restaurant located at Soneva Kiri Eco Resort in Thailand is unforgettable! As you can see from the name, the restaurant is associated with birds. Really! The Bird's Nest restaurant is built in the shape of a bird's nest on a tree and has a bird's eye view of the surroundings. Those who come here to serve the mills in Gorm will rush to the zipline. All in all, this restaurant in Thailand will be a wonderful experience to taste the food sitting under the bird.



At first glance, the Kayabukiya Tavern may not look any different than an old-fashioned Japanese restaurant. However, there are few restaurants in the world like this. Located in Utsunomiya, a city north of Tokyo, the main attraction of this restaurant is two monkeys. Yes, that's right, monkey! The responsibility of serving food here rests with the restaurant owner's pet monkeys. At first, the owner's intention was to draw the attention of the guests by teaching the two monkeys the tricks of the restaurant. Gradually the guests became proficient in taking and serving food orders, now this responsibility has been left to them. It is here that the guests gather, and the two monkeys also earn big money tips. But these weird waiters don't take money as tips. Boiled soybeans are their tips! Two monkeys are running around the restaurant serving food - if you want to see such a bizarre scene, you have to go to Kayabukiya Tavern.


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The city of Dubai is famous for its rough-dry weather. But, here, forgetting the surrounding environment, a whole restaurant made of ice has been built. Upon entering this strange restaurant, guests are given jackets, gloves, shoes and hats. Because, that bone-chilling winter inside! Everything inside is made of ice, even the chair-table! The chillout ice lounge with its white snow and soft lighting seems to take you to a different world in an instant.



It is located next to the Giraffe Conservatory in Nairobi. Originally an elite boutique hotel, its dining can be a very strange breakfast-lunch-dinner experience! Built in 1932, the Scottish hunting lodge was bought by American conservationist Betty Leslie-Melville for the Rothschild Giraffe Sanctuary. His son later converted it into a boutique hotel. In the dining hall of this hotel, it is often seen that wild giraffes have melted their heads through the windows in search of food. This strangely beautiful scene is like touching the mind!

Somewhere you can taste the food sitting at the bottom of the sea, and somewhere you have the opportunity to climb a tree. Somewhere in the restaurant a waiter-like monkey is wandering, and somewhere a group of wild giraffes come and peek. Our blog today is about all these strange restaurants. Let me know in the comments how the event felt.


Abdullah Al Maruf (author) from Bangladesh on November 17, 2020:

Thank you @Sidratul muntaha

Sidratul muntaha on November 17, 2020:


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