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The 10 Grossest Foods Eaten On The Youtube Channel "Emmy Made In Japan"

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Who is Emmymadeinjapan?

Emmy is one of the sweetest people on Youtube. She's also brave and adventurous, willing to try any food once.

There's lots of people who try foods on Youtube. Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning for example create their own new, disgusting dishes in a series they call "Will It?" But Emmy stands out among those people because while they are trying all these new foods, they're usually retching or moaning about it.

Emmy on the other hand will try anything once and she rarely, if ever, spits out any food. Her palate is very adventurous. She'll calmly put anything edible into her mouth and describe the taste of it in detail for those of us who are much less adventurous.

While most Youtubers use the shock value of trying out gross foods and being disgusted by them to make fans, she tries them out and shocks us by not being disgusted.

Because of this, she has quite a long list of disgusting foods and recipes she's willing to try. There are many more that are not on this list, but I've watched a lot of her videos and these are my picks of the most disgusting foods Emmy has ever eaten.

10. Spaghettio Jello

When I heard that women in the early to mid 1900's liked to take jello and put savory foods inside of it, I felt deeply disturbed. There's no way that could taste good. Making things into a gelatin just makes them cold and gives them a horrible texture. Why would anyone want to do this? How can any of this be real? Surely, it must have been an obscure practice.

But Emmy heard about it and she's fascinated with trying new, weird things. She wants to get in the mind of people from different parts of the world and different eras to understand why they ate certain things. So even though it sounds like the grossest thing in the world, spaghettios after all, aren't that great even when you warm them up on the stove, she made this recipe anyway. She showed us how and showed herself eating it.

I was certain she would immediately vomit after taking a bite, but she didn't. That's when I knew I was hooked watching this woman. This was one of her first videos that I ever saw.

Bonus Video

Kalen went viral reacting to Emmy's retro recipe. He voices what all of us are thinking as we stare in shock at Emmy trying these disgusting foods.

9. Durian Fruit

A fruit that smells like sulfur and cheese, but has the texture of scrambled eggs. I am going to throw up even thinking about it. The more she keeps admiring how soft and wonderful it looks, the more grossed out I get. Her description of how it tastes as well, like custard with onion and garlic in it...she says it's not disgusting, but it sounds pretty gross to me.

Bonus Video

If you are not convinced, watch this video. This is how other people react on youtube to eating durian, but Emmy is one of the most open minded tasters out there. Every restaurant should hire her to just eat their food because she makes even the most disgusting food look delicious or normal as she eats it.

8. Beef Fudge

I don't care how finely you ground up beef, you can't put it in a dessert and it be okay. Emmy finds a lot of recipes from people who thought it was a good idea to combine savory foods with sweet ones in a disgusting sounding way. It makes me wonder if she'll ever try Rachel's Custard Trifle from Friends.

7. Various Giant Bugs

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She eats dried, dead bugs as if they are potato chips. She has many videos, created over multiple years of her eating bugs, which is gross enough in and of itself. But this video is especially disturbing because if the size of the bugs. She almost gets a piece of wing stuck in her teeth. You can see all the creepy, crawly legs, shriveled up against the bugs' bodies. You can see their eyes, starring, completely dead at Emmy and she just bites off their heads, enjoying the taste of them.

If I was even in the same room as those things, I would scream.

And even the tinier bugs in the video, like the worm, are gross in their own ways. You can recognize it as a worm that's very fat and juicy when not shriveled up and dead like that. Just the image of that and her biting off its head, is enough to disturb anyone watching.

6. Pig Brains

Emmy will not only just eat any creature, but she will eat any part of their body. The preparation for this one is hard to watch. The way the brains soak in that water is disgusting, but she eats it casually like she's enjoying sausage and eggs.

5. Tuna Salad Jello

Savory lemon jello is disgusting enough, but adding tuna and mayo to it? Why would someone invent this? If someone invents it, Emmy eats it.

4. Blood Pancakes

Emmy warns that the preparation of this video will be disgusting a lot of viewers because she's using real animal's blood and putting it into pancakes. The way she discusses the blood calmly makes her sound like a vampire inadvertently. I know Rhett and Link would throw up if they were forced to eat these pancakes, Rhett absolutely hates any food with blood in it or liver, but she loves it!

3. Cheeseburgers In Jello

Emmy claims that a lot of these recipes aren't actually as disgusting as they sound, but that's not the case here. She freely admits that most people would find this recipe "repulsive" because of the texture, although she still doesn't even gag while eating it.

2. Zebra Tarantula

This video combines something both terrifying and disgusting in one neat package. Although she has a lot of insect and arachnid eating videos, this one is especially gross because of how this tarantula looks, her comments on how hairy it is, and the weird, waxy texture and taste of some parts of it.

1. Giant Centipede

It's very hard to top the gross factor of eating dried tarantulas, but Emmy manages to do so here, anyway. Mukade are one of the scariest and grossest insects on the planet. Not only are their bites extremely painful, but they like to crawl up walls and jump on people's faces in their sleep. They are also very hard to kill. You can't smash them. They have to be boiled to death.

But Emmy decided to eat one, as enormous and scary as it is. And it tasted like RAID. I was fairly terrified that she poisoned herself when she said it smelled and tasted like raid. Even she was intimidated by it and she's not usually intimidated by eating anything, which is why it's number one on this list.


Emmy does a lot of other things on her channel, not just trying disgusting foods. For example, she takes care of her own hive of bees! So watch her for the disgusting foods, but stick around for the other stuff as well.

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Mike Hardy from Caseville, Michigan on June 05, 2018:

OK...I could not bear to even read the hub. Just looked at the pictures and suppressed my low level gag reflex. You just passed the super gross scale. (Something like an F5 tornado and a trailer park) Anyway...In the right Social Media groups this post it should be a hit. Nice work.

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