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How to Make A Thanksgiving’s Day Ham

Thanksgiving Ham


Thanksgiving Ham

As incredible as it is to believe there are people who actually don't like turkey for Thanksgiving. I can't believe it either but it is true. And for the majority of my life I have always had to prepare a ham for Thanksgiving and Christmas even though I was perfectly happy with the turkey I prepared. I should mention I don't eat or like ham. It is not a religious thing. It is a Charolette's Web thing so no ham for me. And you are probably wondering how I make a good holiday ham without knowing what ham tastes like, let alone good ham or bad ham. I go by what smells good. In essence the nose knows!!


Cheapest precooked Ham you can find. I usually can get one for about nine dollars.

1- ham

1- bottle of cloves

1- can of coke

1- box brown sugar

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I believe in simple cooking especially if I am not going to be eating.


Defrost ham if frozen.

Put about 35 cloves in the top about 1/2 inch apart. Obviously the bigger the ham the more cloves an vice verse.

Cover the top with brown sugar about 1/4 thick

Pour 1-2 to entire coke over the ham.

Bake according the instructions on the outside of the ham.

It never fails everyone loves this and it is a great recipe when you bring food to someone who has recently had a death in their family.

But it is also the perfect Holiday Ham every time especially for Thanksgiving.

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