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Thank God for Cold Foods, and Mom

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Delicious cold, pork sausage tastes even better in mom's cathead  biscuits.

Delicious cold, pork sausage tastes even better in mom's cathead biscuits.

Let's go. Time is vitally-important. I would say that there is no time like the present, but that might be a bit too cheesy. But each word in this hub is the truth. No holds barred. No punches pulled. Believe me. This piece had to be that way.

I could rant and rave until (rural term here) the cows come home and still not be anywhere near capturing the entire description, feeling, that was attached to my sainted mother and when I use the serious term, sainted, I mean that if I do not type another word. But in the end, you will see my points and my mom all to well.
Human beings are not that eomplex as some doctors of the mind would suggest. If so, then why was the mega-genius Albert Einstein a drop-out? Even failed the subject of math? In human terms, this would appear to be complex, but what do I know? I was then of low I.Q. in my teen years, and now that I am 67, my I.Q. points have not changed that much, so what do I know? Just allow me to share this one look (among many) about my years of 17 and 18.

These years for any guy or girl should be "the" best no matter where they life and no matter their I.Q. I believe that God had His hand in everything including a mental segment of all thongs living, to either increase in wisdom or just live where they are. The last one is me to a T. Not that I need or asking any pity from anyone. I just want to go on record to say that if I had to name "the" best time of my teenage years were the ages that I told you about above. These years were from the weekends that I enjoyed Friday, Saturday and (sometimes) Sunday afternoons depending of my dad was in a good mood to allow me to have the family car.

Put any of the foods seen on this hub into one of these cathead biscuits and man, what great eating.

Put any of the foods seen on this hub into one of these cathead biscuits and man, what great eating.

You may not believe or want to believe this, but these wonderful, memorable weekends were when I was alone. All alone in our kitchen. If you will, exercise your patience and read the below informal essay about one person, my precious mom; her creativity in preparing the most-common foods; pork sausage, biscuits, bacon, and white onions. That's it.

And I can attest to the fact that every ounce of these cold foods helped me to gain a good night's sleep and rest and awake refreshed. You can easily-understand this because none of us were born with an I.Q. of 334, (oh, how I wish), but my mom was a special case. She had the gift, as it were, to provide meal after meal of common things that some might discard.

The bottom line is that when I reached junior high school, I thought that this time was serious not only to get a passing grade and to have enough units to graduate high school. Serious may be exaggerated some, but I can say that my nerves were never settled whatsoever. Frpm 8 a.m. untl 3 p.m., it was study my elective subjects and added topics Monday through Friday. My stomach was tied-up and did not attend many home football games because I wanted to get into my room and leave the lights on and listen to my all-time favorite rock station: WLS-Chicago with the disc jockey prince, John Records Landecker, his real name. Just Landecker and his LP's and the peaceful darkness of my room and I was fine.

Then when I passed my driver's test, I was blessed to get the use of our family car which was another hide-away where I could meet my friends in town and rant about how tough that school had become and how we were going to do come graduation time. When you are 17 like we were, we wanted it all: success, love, and of course, happiness, but we would have to graduate.

Sliced Vidalia onion placed in mom's biscuits were Heaven on earth.

Sliced Vidalia onion placed in mom's biscuits were Heaven on earth.

But when the night ended at 12 midnight for us, I went home and started to head to my room and more WLS and rock, but I happen to spy something on our kitchen table that didn't look like it belonged. In a small plate was a few pieces of seasoned pork sausage and two cathead biscuits that I had to believe that this food was left-over from breakfast. But with a knife and one or two biscuits, I opened them and filled them with the sausage.

The first bite was Heaven on earth! Manna that fed the Israelites that Moses and Aaron had left from captivity in Egypt. To put into simple terms: the biscuits and sausage were far-out, as we teen's said in our slang. Sure we all tried hard to match the environment of the Turbulent 60's, but the only stage of turbulence that we achieved was a few choice slang terms with far-out being the one phrase that was said the most.

Now. I will add each photo and underneath the food I will give a short caption. I hope that at the end of this hub, if you were ever 17, single, not having much of a base of life, but you had a great mom and dad, and for these special people, you need to tell them if they are alive or not just how wonderful that they treated you. I've done this and I know that they heard my words.

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Enjoy. I know that I sure did.

Yummmm, best describes cold bacon and cold biscuits.

Yummmm, best describes cold bacon and cold biscuits.

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Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on August 30, 2021:

This is such an enjoyable article to read, Kenneth. It is humorous and don't we all think about our mama's cooking, as those are good memories.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on August 27, 2021:

Really glad you enjoyed your mom's cathead biscuits, Kenneth. I have memories of my mother's cooking. Notice I didn't precede "cooking" with "good". Mom was a passable cook, I think she viewed it as a necessity, not an art. She, however, was a superb baker, with the exception of her soda cornbread and soda biscuits, which my dad preferred. I've never liked soda bread of any kind. Mom's donuts, cakes and pies were to die for, but oh well, you can't have it all, including cathead biscuits.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on August 26, 2021:

I think we all have memories of our mother's good cooking. Thanks for sharing yours.

Janis Leslie Evans from Washington, DC on August 26, 2021:

This is a yummy hub, Ken. I was pulled in by the photos. God bless our moms for giving us delicious memories of homemade breakfast to fill our bellies, morning or night. I can feel how the love of a simple cold sausage and biscuit gave you a foundation of love that sustained you.

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