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Thai Coconut Soup: A Delicious and Health-friendly Dish For You

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Thai Coconut Soup



Many people around the world are very much fond of Thai Coconut Soup. You can have that soup either in a Thai restaurant or can make your favorite Thai food at home by following the properly structured recipes and instructions. Besides, you can also add chicken or shrimp, that’s absolutely up to your desire. The addition of chicken or shrimp certainly makes the taste of the soup tastier.

Table of Contents

  • Nutrition Value of Thai Coconut Soup
  • Some Health Benefits of Coconut
  • Nutrition Value of Coconut
  • Ingredients Used Making Thai Coconut Soup
  • Steps to make Thai Coconut Soup
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • The Bottom Line

Nutrition Value of Thai Coconut Soup

First, better have a look at its nutrition information. The soup contains,

  • Calories- 493
  • Fat- Around 46
  • Carbohydrate- 8
  • Protein- Around 1

Some Health Benefits of Coconut

  • The MCT stands for Medium-chain triglycerides. The MCTs are triglycerides that contain two or three fatty acids. The naturally integrated scenario of MCT within coconut might help to reduce excess body weight caused by excess body fat by neutralizing the fat available in the coconut. That does mean, it reduces the excess fat of your body
  • Coconut meat also provides carbs and protein along with many health-friendly minerals like manganese, copper, iron, and selenium
  • It might be helpful for good heart health by maintaining the cholesterol level
  • As coconut is low in carbs and rich in amino acids, healthy fats, and fiber, it's an educated choice to incorporate it into your food menu
  • Coconut meat contains some highly effective antioxidants that protect your cells from damage. Gallic acid, caffeic acid, salicylic acid, p-coumaric acid are the main phenolic compounds found in coconut help protect cells from oxidative damage

Nutrition Value of Coconut


The Thai Coconut Soup



  • 200 grams of chicken thigh or breast based on your choice
  • 1 Galangal
  • Some kaffir lime leaves
  • 200ml of coconut milk or cream
  • Pinch of salt
  • One tablespoon of fish sauce
  • One tablespoon of lime juice
  • Some chili (you can use or discard using)
  • 150 gm of mushrooms
  • One spring onion
  • One coriander
  • One lemon grass

Steps to make Thai Coconut Soup:

  • Make sure your cooker is turned off
  • Add 500 ml water to a bowl or pan
  • Then add a pinch of salt
  • Add the galangal
  • Go for chopping and adding lemongrass. Make sure that. You’ve crushed the lemongrass to increase flavor
  • Then put that lemongrass into the water
  • Add the kaffir lime leaves into the water
  • Still, it’s not time to provide heat, remember!
  • It’s time now. Go for simmer for 5-10 minutes
  • Now add coconut milk into the steamed compound (around 60ml of coconut milk)
  • Provide some time to boil
  • When the soup starts boiling, add around 200gms of chicken thigh/breast
  • Avoid string
  • Add one tablespoon of fish sauce within the boiling soup
  • Skim out the scum and the chicken fat
  • At least 15minutes simmer is expected further until the chicken is being tendered
  • Now add coconut cream about 120ml
  • When your favorite dish under heat starts boiling, further add 150gms of mushroom. Within one to two minutes, the mushrooms cook quickly
  • Further, add kaffir lime leaves
  • Though adding chili is optional, you can add that, at the time of boiling
  • Add fish sauce half of the tablespoon
  • Go for adding spring onions when the soup is still boiling
  • Then add lime juice.
  • The final stage is, add coriander for garnish
  • Your favorite Thai Coconut Soup is ready to taste and serve

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MSG?

MSG stands for Monosodium Glutamate refers to as sodium salt of glutamic acid. It is found naturally in some foods like tomato, cheese, etc.

Why MSG is used?

The manufacturer produces this as chemically manufactured products far away from natural amino acids. The objective of using MSG found in restaurants is to enhance the flavor and the taste of the supplied food. The doctors suggest avoiding this artificial element, so better avoid that to keep you in good health condition.

N.B. The Chinese, Japanese foods contain MSG but unknown to American people.

What effects are observed after using MSG?

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There is no significant evidence available against severe health-hazardous issues caused on your body by using MSG but some common health-related inconvenience is experienced. Those are,

  • Headache that generates due to constricting blood vessels
  • The improper digestive phenomenon might bother you a lot
  • More sweating than usual might be observed
  • Facial pressure or tightness
  • Sometimes, chest pain might be observed.
  • It might stimulate the pancreas which leads to obesity

Is Mashroom good for our health?

The mushrooms are rich in B vitamins having riboflavin, niacin. The compound of mushrooms keeps the heart in good health condition. The element riboflavin is helpful for red blood cells and niacin ensures a good digestive system and also maintains healthy skin. So, the incorporation of mushrooms in "Thai Coconut Soup" is an educated choice.

What positive impact is experienced by taking coconut on our body?

Coconuts mainly consist of high manganese that is essential for healthy bone health and the metabolism of carbohydrates, cholesterol, and also protein. To protect your cells, the coconut is rich in copper and iron that helps to form red blood cells and selenium as well. Those are very important antioxidants for protecting your cells from damage.

Is fatty acid good for health?

The research states the omega-3 fatty acids can help you to improve your cardiovascular health. That scenario naturally reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

What Thai food is health-friendly?

To keep you in good health condition the incorporation of the below elements might help to promote you in good health condition.

  • Coconut curries but without rice
  • Mushroom
  • Chicken with wrapping by lettuce
  • Tom Yum and Tom Kha soups

How to prepare perfect health-friendly Thai food?

To make a perfect health-friendly Thai food better go for having the below:

  • Tom Yum and Tom Kha soups
  • Thai coconut soup
  • Thai salads (the ingredients used and the dressing is very important to check)
  • Wrapped chicken lettuce

The Bottom Line

In this article, we've discussed not a recipe of "Thai Coconut Soup" but also have highlighted, what positive impact coconut plays on our body in the form of health benefits despite having high fat. Furthermore, some health-friendly features have also been included. I hope you would like it and enjoy the food if possible by today.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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