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Ten Types of Customers at the Local Butchery

Nyamweya is a columnist with a Kenyan print media.He is also a freelance writer with various online and offline media platforms

A businessman/woman has to encounter different types of customers and butchers are no different. Here, attendants have to deal with different characters including those seeking to buy meat on credit. Despite the covid pandemic causing economic upheavals, some customers will still demand extra meat, while others will tell off butcher-men trying to add a little bones. Here are ten types of customers you will come across at a local butchery.

The regular / the frequenter

Despite red meat being unhealthy, you will always see and find this customer on a daily basis buying over one kilogram meat. She has strong cravings for meat to the point that staying one day without having a taste of it is problematic for her. Not even the doctor’s recommendations will put her off from the daily meat bites. After all, the doctor will not be around when he is consuming the delicacy.

The complainer

He always has something to complain about while at the butcher. He will not take it easy when the butcher tries to add some bones or the measurement misses by an inch. For this customer, the idea of a butcher adding some bones to meat is a means of extortion.

The payday customer

When you see him at the butcher, then you won’t be mistaken if you say that he has been paid that day. He only comes to butchery once a month; when he has been paid and now wants to thank the body. For the rest of the days, he doesn’t mind surviving on kales and other green veges. “Don’t get used to eating meat as it is unhealthy and causes cancer” he will always remind his family members who ask him “when are you buying us meat?”

The credit customer

Despite meat not being a necessity, she will come begging the butcher to give her a kilogram of meat after which she will sort him come end month. However hard the butcher becomes, she will try all means to lure him into obliging to her demand for a meat on credit.

The spy

While at the butchery, he will be looking around for the presence of flies since he believes this is a way of determining whether or not the butcher is using formalin for meat preservation. He will also be looking for evidences on the whether the meat being sold is a genuine cow meat or donkey meat. He will always tell the butcher to cut the meat pieces from a specific section to avoid undeserved meat.

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The 50bob customer

This one feels eating meat but he does not have money and so he will have to have a 50 bob piece. At times, he can even tell the butcher to cut 20 bob meat yet she has a family including four brats.

The “accessories” customer

He will never buy real meat but will be asking for things like intestines which he demands to be packaged in such a way that it looks like meat. If it is not matumbo, then he will ask for legs, head or a tongue. For him, those accessories are still meat like other parts.

Those with a lot of details

Just like the number two above, he will come to the butcher and start giving the butcher man tough instructions before he cuts and packages his meat. You will see him saying I specially want meat of a particular region and don’t add fat”. He will rebuff the butcher if he tries adding meat from another place other than the one specified.

The ready meat consumer

He never buys raw meat but rather prefers cooked or ready ones. He will order the butcher to wrap a one kilogram of meat, fried or boiled which he either feasts on or takes away to his house. The dude is probably a bachelor who doesn’t know how to cook anything, safe for boiling water and tea.

The healthy unconscious ones

Despite Corona threats, she will bypass washing hands at the butcher’s door and go on touching counters and meat cutting areas with bare hands. She will also be talking and laughing loudly without wearing a mask.

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