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Takeaway - Unboxing Food


Chef Akshay Kulkarni Head Of The Department Culinary Academy Of India Hyderabad


Michelin stars are the most coveted awards for chefs all over the planet. Why? Because these ‘stars’ are considered as the hallmark of gastronomical prowess. Given by a list of anonymous inspectors who focus entirely on food quality and taste, Michelin stars are a symbol of prestige for a restaurant. Previously, stars were awarded only to restaurants that prepared French cuisine, however, this trait is slowly changing with times. Today, ‘bib gourmand’ Michelin stars are given to restaurants that offer quality price at a value price. Additionally, in 2020, the Michelin guide launched ‘green stars’ that are awarded to restaurants that excel in sustainable gastronomy.

So what exactly are the Michelin stars? In simple words, Michelin stars are a rating system given by Michelin (the French tyre company). This guide was originally developed in 1900 in France to show local drivers where amenities such as restaurants and mechanics were. As time progressed, the guide grew in popularity and today, the guide is published annually and a restaurant can have a maximum of three Michelin stars.

The pandemic has caused a lot of restaurants to shut down and several hotel members are without jobs. The toll on the hospitality and restaurant industry has been truly horrific and the impact has set the booming industry down a slippery slope. With no end in sight as to when restaurants can operate in full, foodies are also being robbed of the experience of fine dining.

As a result of this thought, I found my theme for the project - ‘Michelin takeaway’. My goal with this project is to bring fine dining into the homes of people. For this, I’ve developed different kinds of takeaway parcel boxes made out of wooden plank, each accented to look pleasant. This was followed by making two boxes with rubberwood, one for cutlery and crockery, and the other for meat, sauce, vegetables, and starch separately. Rubberwood is used to keep the food thermally insulated ensuring it remains hot.


Upon opening the box, receivers will see step-by-step directions with pictures that describe how to plate the food. The idea here is to get customers to plate the recipes themselves by following our instructions. The detailed guide on plating and keeping food hot is so customers can have the fine dining experience all by themselves. This leverages reduced human contact and eliminates the need for customers from visiting hotels while offering them an elevated dining experience.

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Shiladitya Dutta on July 17, 2021:

Worth Reading Chef.

Kaushik Sarkar on July 17, 2021:

Nice concept. And beautifully written and presented.

saibaba on July 17, 2021:

Very nice article and nice concept

Rajesh Gupta on July 17, 2021:

A unique concept of serving food with a fine dine touch. Very well presented.

ANKIT MATHUR on July 17, 2021:

Very well executed

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