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Sweet teriyaki romen stifry


Sweet teriyaki romen stifry

sweet teriyaki Ramen stir fry

1 chicken breast per person
I use Tyson grilled sweet teriyaki chicken fillets
1/2 packet of chicken ramen per person
1 bag birds eye oriental stir fry vegetables
with teriyaki sauce
1/2 cup kraft toasted sesame dressing
I usually use these but I was out this time.
1 bag onion pepper mix
1 packet mushrooms
2 table spoons minced garlic
salt and pepper to taste
the Asian dressing has salt and pepper in it.
so I don't add extra but make how ever you want.
what to do
cube chicken breast and cook fully
once chicken is fully cooked add teriyaki sauce and sesame dressing
you can cook vegetables in a pot tell disired texture or for crisper vegetables add to pan with chicken
cook Romans tell just before done they will finish cooking with the veggtable chicken mixture
once cooked add Ramen to pan with chicken mix well and serve
serve with Hawaiian rolls it's a perfect combination

© 2022 Jennifer Aubuchon

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