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Sweet Corn, Plant It, Grow It, Eat It

There is nothing like delicious homegrown sweet corn.

There is nothing like delicious homegrown sweet corn.

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How about corn chowder. Make it just like clam chowder but use corn instead of clams.

How about corn chowder. Make it just like clam chowder but use corn instead of clams.

Whats The Secret To Making Creamed Corn

First, be sure to get the freshest corn possible because it will yield the most milk, which is what you'll need to make creamed corn. After slicing the kernels from the cob, reverse the knife and rub the dull side down the cob to extract the pulp and milk. Or, scrape the milk nd pulp from the cob with a sturdy vegetable peeler.

Rescue For Corn Past Its Peak

To cook corn on the cob that's a day or two past its peak add a tablespoon of sugar, rather than salt to the water that your boiling the corn in. Salt actually toughens corn but sugar restores some of the natural sweetness. Bring the water to a boil, and add the corn. After the water returns to a boil, cook three minutes and take the corn out of the water. You'll have perfect corn every time.

Having Trouble Getting The Silks Off

If you have trouble getting the silks off wear a pair of rubber gloves to remove stubborn silks. Give the corn a quick twist with one hand while pulling your other hand down the ear of corn and all your silks will be gone.

Grilled Corn On The Cob.

For a quick addition to grilled meals, grill your corn in the husks and I bet you'll love it.. Remove all but the inner most husks and the silks, Grill your corn on the grill and turn it often to keep it from burning.

Corn Storage

Refrigerate your corn for no more than three days. Any longer and you will lose a lot of flavor.Did you know that you can pull your corn off the stalks and put it into a large brown paper bag in the refrigerator for up to six months and then let it thaw out and remove the shucks and silks and use it just like you had just picked it out of the garden.

I hope you get to enjoy some sweet corn real soon. If you have any comments you would like to post or questions feel free to post them below now and thanks for reading.

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Growing Sweet Corn

You really need at least three rows of sweet corn in order for pollination to take place and produce delicious ears of sweet corn. Your ground also needs to be carefully prepared by working well aged manure into the soil before you plant your sweet corn. You also need to put out one pound of 5 - 10 - 5 fertilizer for each twenty foot of corn row. About every other year in the fall I work a huge amount of well rotted compost and well rotted manure into my soil by tilling it in with my garden tiller. I add enough of compost and manure to the garden to turn the soil much darker than it was previously. Just be very sure that any manure or compost is very well rotted. If not it will burn up anything you plant there.

Best Variety Of Sweet Corn For You To Plant.

Silver Queen is a great variety of sweet corn to grow. Plant your sweet corn two kernels together about 6 inches apart and then when the corn gets about a foot tall thin the corn to one stalk of corn about every 12 inches and after you thin the corn side dress the corn with the 5 - 10 - 5 fertilizer using care not to touch your plants with the fertilizer. Again put out about one pound of fertilizer for each twenty foot row of corn. Corn loves fertilizer and nutrients and will respond well to it.

Did you know that you can hear corn grow?

Do you know that you can almost hear and watch corn grow. I know I watch it carefully and I can't hardly wait until my corn is ready. Corn is one of my favorite foods and I love it creamed, on the cob, and made into corn fritters. Any way you cook it I love it. My really favorite way to have fresh corn is to cut it off the cob and then cream it. I then serve it over hot homemade biscuits. Now that is some wonderful eating.

You want your rows of corn to be about three foot apart so you can get around your corn easily and keep all the weeds hoed out. If you want to you can plant a hill of pole beans at the bottom of each corn stalk when the corn is about two foot tall. You let the pole beans grow up and around the corn and when they are ready you'll be able to pick them easily. After your corn is up about three foot high go back and plant pumpkin hills in the middles of your corn. This is the way the American Indians did it. They grew corn, pole beans, and pumpkins or squash all in the same place.

Build A Scare Crow To Keep Away The Crows And Other Birds.

In some areas birds can really go after your corn so you may want to get your kids to help you make a scare crow to keep the birds away. If you can make your scare crow so you can move him around every few days to keep the birds fooled and they will stay out of your corn. If racoons or deer are a problem use one of the new scare crow sprinklers that come on and spray water when they detect movement. I move my scarecrow every other day and I make it look as realistic as possible. Crows will quickly catch on if your not careful.

You will want to watch your corn ears carefully and as soon as you feel them fill up with corn easily pull the shuck down and check to see if your corn is ready. Don't let your corn get to hard or it won't be as delicious. Pull down the shucks on one ear of corn and press in on a grain of corn with your thumb nail. You should see juice spray out. Guess what. Your corn is now ready to pick.

How To Harvest Your Sweet Corn.

As soon as you see its ready pull each ear of corn down and twist to pull it free from the stalk. Now your ready to enjoy your home grown sweet corn and I bet you that it will be delicious. I usually have my first harvested ears of corn grilled. I pull back the shucks while outside at my water spigot and use a kitchen brush to remove the silks and then pull the shucks back up over the cob of corn. I grill the corn on the grill turning it often to keep it from burning. When its ready I serve it with a salt shaker filled with ground sea salt and some softened butter. Oh man I can't hardly wait.

Italian Dressing Makes Perfect Grilled Sweet Corn

Take a kitchen brush and after you've pulled the shucks down out of the way brush any liquid Italian Dressing onto your corn. Pull the shucks back up and grill your corn in the shucks. You'll end up with wonderful tasting corn. In fact you just may think its the best corn you've ever had in your life.

Growing Your Own Corn.

You'll never taste corn as good as when you grow your own corn. Once you plant your first corn, watch it grow, and harvest and cook it you'll wonder how you ever went with out growing your own corn in the past because fresh grown corn is one of the best things you'll ever grow in your garden. Yes it really is that good. I can hardly wait until it's time to grow corn again.

Find Out The Best Corn For Your Area.

In order for you to know the best corn to grow in your particular area you need to ask at your local farm and garden center what type of sweet corn grows best in your area. And that's the corn you want to grow for the best results. You can if you wish plant pole beans about two weeks after your corn comes up and allow the pole beans to grow up your stalks of corn for easy to harvest pole beans. As the pole beans grow encourage them to grow up and around the corn stalks. You'll find you can quickly and easily pick your beans when they are ready.

Make A Scare Crow To Keep Away Crows And Other Birds.

Unfortunately the birds figured this guy out. Move your scarecrow often so the birds won't figure out the scarecrow isn't real.

Unfortunately the birds figured this guy out. Move your scarecrow often so the birds won't figure out the scarecrow isn't real.

Delicious Homemade Sweet Corn

Delicious Homemade Sweet Corn

Creamed Sweet Corn Recipe

You will want to start by shucking about eight ears of sweet corn and then with a knife cut the kernels of corn off into a bowl. Turn the knife side ways to scrape each corn cob to get all the sweet delicious juices. Discard the corn cobs. You will need two tablespoons of bacon grease to fry your corn in. You will also need.

1. Two Tablespoons Sugar.

2. One Tablespoon All Purpose Plain Flour.

3. One Teaspoon Ground Sea Salt.

4. One Teaspoon Ground Black Pepper.

5. One Cup Heavy Cream.

6. One Half Cup Cold Water.

7. One Tablespoon Of Butter.

Start off by putting your bacon grease in a large skillet over low heat and allow it to melt. Add in your corn and corn juices and cook stirring for a few minutes until all your corn has started to cook. Mix the flour into the water and stir it up very good. Pour it into the pan with the corn and stir everything up together very well together.

Now add in the rest of your ingredients into the pan and stir everything up well. Turn the heat down low and allow the creamed corn to continue to cook and the flavors blend together.

Once all the flavors have been well blended together and the corn is done your creamed corn is ready. Let me tell you how I like my creamed corn. I like to split open a homemade biscuit and ladle a couple of spoons of creamed corn over it. It tastes so good it will almost drive you crazy. If you need a great biscuit recipe Click Here.

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Believe me nothing tastes better than creamed corn over a homemade biscuit. I like to eat a hot cayenne pepper pod with my cream corn and biscuit.

You can if you wish sprinkle the top of each serving of creamed corn with fresh dried basil and slices of jalapeno pepper. Try it and I bet you'll love it.

Delicious Corn Fritters

1. One And One Fourth Cup Of All Purpose Flour.

2. One And One Fourth Cup Of Self Rising Corn Meal.

3. One Fourth Cup White Granulated Sugar.

4. One Teaspoon Ground Sea Salt.

5. One Cup Whole Milk.

6. Two Large Eggs Well Beaten.

7. One Half Stick Butter Melted.

8. One Cup Corn You Have Cut Off The Cob.

9. Vegetable Oil For Frying Your Fritters.

The easiest way to make these corn fritters is to add your ingredients 1 - 8 to a food processor one at a time and mix all your ingredients up together very well. You will need a deep skillet or home deep fryer to cook your corn fritters in. Drop the corn fritter batter in hot oil a tablespoon full at a time and turn the corn fritters over to get them good and brown. Don't over cook them but let them get done in the center. These are delicious served with ranch dressing.

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I have been gardening and cooking for over the last thirty years and I've been a Chef at some of the American south's finest restaurants. I love cooking with ingredients fresh from the garden and I try to grow something new each and every year both to enjoy myself and to make new recipes with. Try drying some fresh purple basil yourself and then sprinkle it on corn dishes. I just bet you will enjoy it.

Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost has been an award winning Chef and gardener for over thirty years now and he has been writing at Hub Pages for over five years now.

Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost has been an award winning Chef and gardener for over thirty years now and he has been writing at Hub Pages for over five years now.

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