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Grocery Store Curbside Pickup Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons Of Using Grocery Store Curbside Pickup

Grocery shopping used to be done only in the store. Nowadays, you can choose to shop online and pickup your groceries or have them delivered. These services are becoming more popular. When deciding on whether or not to use a grocery store pickup service, here are a few things to consider.


* You can browse online grocery store aisles online without having to push a cart. No more perusing busy aisles filled with people pushing their carts. Shopping online offers the privacy of shopping in your own home at your own pace.

* There are digital coupons on most grocery store websites. These coupons will allow you to use the coupons online for discounts.

* This service may be especially helpful for those who find it difficult to shop in store due to medical conditions or having small children.

* You can shop for your groceries, pull your car up into a designated parking area and a grocery store associate will bring your groceries to you. Some may even help you load them into your car.

* This service is usually less expensive than using grocery home delivery services. There is a fee for curbside pickup at some grocery stores but sometimes it is waived if you spend a certain amount of money on particular products.

* Although you do have to wait in your car to receive your groceries, you no longer have to wait in grocery store lines to checkout.


* You may have to check all of your groceries to make sure that you received your entire order. Sometimes the store associate may accidentally leave some of your groceries behind and forget to bring them out to you. If you do not check your groceries, there is a chance you could get home and discover that there are multiple items missing.

* There may be a fee involved. Some grocery stores charge a fee for curbside pickup. The fee may be small but can add up if you shop for groceries frequently.

* You are not physically shopping for your items, so you cannot tell how ripe a fruit or vegetable is. You can not see the items and check the expiration dates, therefore you may get items that are expired.

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* You may miss out on the the social aspect of shopping. If you like socializing with other shoppers and/or the cashier, then you will miss out on those social interactions. On the other hand, some people may try to avoid being around people, so in that case, this service could be helpful to them.

Helpful Service

As I mentioned earlier, grocery store pickup may be especially helpful for those who have medical conditions that make it hard to shop in the store. There are also people who work a lot of hours and/or have small children and do not have the time to do a big shopping trip. Overall, I think that grocery store pickup can be helpful and that the pros would outweigh the cons in these situations.

Questions & Answers

Here are a few questions you may have about using grocery pickup services. These are questions people have asked me and I have provided the answers.

Q: How can I get free grocery store pickup without having to a pay the fee?
A: Some grocery stores offer promotions, such as spend $25 on select products
and your fee will be waived.

Q: What do I do when I get to the store? How will the store know that I am there?
A: There will be specific parking areas that are designated for grocery pickup. There is a phone number on the sign where you parked. When you call that number, tell them which assigned number you are parked at and they will bring your groceries to your car.

Q: Do I have to tip the store associate who brings me my groceries?
A: Depending on store polices, that would be up to you. If you have a large order, then it would be kind to give a tip. It doesn't have to be a lot but any amount would be nice.

Q: How will I get my grocery receipts?
A: The store associate will usually hand you your receipt or place it in one of your bags. They might also include a paper that breaks down all out of stock items as well items that were substituted in your order.

Q: Can I still use paper coupons?
A: Some stores will allow you to use paper coupons but there are digital coupons online. So they may not be able to be doubled if using both paper and digital coupons.

Q: Do I have to get out of the car?
A: Not always, it depends on store policy. At some stores, you can just pop the trunk and the store associate will load the groceries into it.

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