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Strict Budget Whisk(e)y: Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond

I am someone that has always enjoyed a fine glass of whiskey and loves sharing advice. I try all kinds of whiskies from places all over.

Best Budget Bourbon

Whiskey is amazing! Bourbon is the proud spirit of America and is quite good, but not everyone can get bottles of Eagle Rare, my favorite, or Knob Creek. Even bottles of Maker’s Mark can add up as time goes by. The problem for the serious bourbon drinkers is that they do not want to sacrifice quality for a cheaper price. This is very fair, often the quality of a whiskey can be reflected in its price. However, not all of them are like this. Without a doubt, the best bourbon you can get for around $15 is Evan Williams Bottled-In-Bond.



This is not to be mistaken for the standard Evan William (The One with the Black Label). This bottle has a white label and advertises a 100 Proof. “Bottled-In-Bond” means it meets strict government standards. America, ironically, has the strictest rules when it comes to whiskey.


Smell & Pallet

This bourbon has a very full-bodied feel to it. It smells like what a typical bourbon would, and the tastes does too, but also has a taste of fresh bread out of the oven, which I am quite fond of. It does benefit from having some water added and when water is added it opens up with more toasted oak and dark dried fruits.


Classic Whiskey Tumblers

Whiskey Ice Ball


Honestly, this is a great whiskey to keep at home whether or not you’re on a strict budget. It is a great bourbon to sip on and it does have some interesting flavors that do appear with the addition of water. It’s also great to have for when you have company that would rather have cocktails and do shots than enjoy it neat. It’s roughly $15 at Safeway so you won’t feel to bad if this is how it ends up getting consumed. All in all, It’s just a fantastic bourbon for the price and one that every bourbon lover should have at home.

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