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Strawberry Jelly and Freezer Jam


Birds chirping, flowers blooming, and the air feeled with wonderful spring scents. This could mean only thing in my family, It is nearly strawberry season. Strawberrys have been one of the world favorite fruits for centuries. There are even wives tales that surround strawberries. One for example claims that if you eat strawberries while you are pregnant that your child will be born with big red pieds on them. Whether or not these tales are true or not I can validate. But one thing I know well enough about.... Strawberry Jams and Jellys.

The Jelly Recipe

What are you Going to Need?

  1. 3 quarts of Fully Ripe Fresh Strawberries OR 3 3/4 cup Strawberry Juice
  2. Jars
  3. Lids
  4. Rings
  5. Sure Jell
  6. Large Kettle or bowl that can used on the stove
  7. Knife
  8. Sugar
  9. Butter

Getting Started on the Jelly

First start off by making sure your lids, rings, and jars have been washed in warm to hot water.

Second cut the greens ends off the strawberries. Then crush the strawberries. Hang in a cheesecloth above another empy bowl and allow the juice to drip into bowl. You can gentley press the crushed fruit also to speed up the process just a little. You are going to need 3 3/4 cups of juice for this recupe. Put this in the saucepan. Then in a seperate bowl measure 4 1/2 cups sugar. I wouldnt suggest using substitues or diluting the amount needed doing so usually changes the quality of the jelly. Then add your sure-jell to your strawberry juice and bring to a hard boil. I usually add about a teaspoon of butter here to reduce the foam- but that is optional. Add your sugar and stir in quickly. Allow the juice to return to a hard boil and consistently stir for exactly 1 minute. Taking a ladle quickly add to a jar. I usually suggest the small jelly jars. Fill and quickly place your lid and ring on tightly. Repeat until entire contents of the juice has been used. If you have done it correctly the jars should seal with a few minutes. Let the jelly stand at room temperature for 24 hours- then you can put it in your can shelf or basement. But my favorite place for one of those jars is none other than in the fridge ready and be used on toast and biscuits. Yummy.

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