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Easy to Make Stir-fry Recipes Using Canned Mussels & Oysters

I love to create and share nutritious recipes with the world.

So simple to make..

All that these recipes need are to toss in some onions and mussels (or) oysters in the pan.

Is that not a simple treat?

Read on and make it yourself.

Cook time

Prep timeCook timeReady inYields

2 min

3 min

5 min



1 tbsp Margarine (or) Butter

1/2 Yellow Onion

85g Smoked mussels (or) oysters in oil

The Shellfish Treat

Stir-fried Smoked Mussels

Stir-fried Smoked Mussels


This simple and tasty treat can be made in 2 easy steps.

Step 1:

Heat 1 tbsp margarine (or) butter in a pan. Once it melts, add 1/2 onion diced or cut into julienne strips. Stir until the onions turn translucent.

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Step 2:

Add the smoked mussels (or) oysters to the onions in the pan. Mix them all in. Stir for 30 seconds in low to medium heat.

Ready to serve :-)

Stir-fried smoked oysters

Stir-fried smoked oysters

Serving Suggestions

Serve it as:

1. Seafood salad

2. Wrap filling

3. Side dish for rice-based dishes

4. Side dish for roti, naan, idli and dosa

Stir-fried smoked oysters

Stir-fried smoked oysters

What will you choose?

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