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Smart Drinks - Will These Drinks Make You Smarter?

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Natural Drinks to Boost Brain Power

You know that coffee, green tea, pomegranate juice and red wine (yes, red wine) are some of the natural drinks that will improve your cognitive ability and memory power.

Although it will take a while to see the results, it still works.

But if you are in a hurry, is there something else that will work faster?

Well, there are now ready-to-drink products that claimed to boost your brain power and get results sooner. Kind of 'quick-fix' type of product.

Is there such thing as Smart Drinks? Drinks that will make you smarter and help you think better?

Is there such thing as Smart Drinks? Drinks that will make you smarter and help you think better?

Introducing Smart Drinks

Smart Drinks have been around since 1980, but were taken off the store shelves after the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) changed the status on their earlier approved ingredients.

But the industry is smart and know that consumers are still craving for something that can sharpen their mind. After all, there are already Energy Drinks, Collagen Drinks and Protein Drinks. So, why not make tons of money with Smart Drinks?

They are in fact predicting Smart Drinks to be the next fastest growing nutritional trends.

Hence, the 'new wave' of Smart Drinks that claimed to use all natural stuffs.

Currently, a few smart-sounding names like Brainwave, Brain TonIQ, and Think Drink that had re-invented the formula, are already on the market.

Let's look at these products.

Note: Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to evaluate these products.

truBRAIN claimed to be the reinvented energy drinks that can boost the brain power

truBRAIN claimed to be the reinvented energy drinks that can boost the brain power

1. Think Drinks by truBRAIN

Think Drinks by truBRAIN claimed to be the world's first Nootropic drinks and is designed by UCLA trained neuroscientists. Instead of energy drink that focus on energy power, they have reinvented it to focus on brain power.

Vegan, Gluten and Dairy-free Smart Drink

It is a cognitive performance drink with Magnesium, CDC Choline, Piracetam, Carnitine and Theanine as their 'focus-ingredients'. To make it appetizing, they flavored it with mangosteen, nopal cactus, cane sugar, blue agave and monk fruit.

It is also gluten free, suitable for vegetarian and best of all, it uses non-GMO products.

It is available in three blends; the Original, Caffeine-Free and Boost, which is the 'turbo version' for the extra boost.

This Made-in-California product now retails at US$60 for one-time purchase or US$50 for a monthly supply of 15 drinks. For this package, you get 12 Original and 3 Boost drinks.

If you browse around, you might get Promo Code with at least 20% discount, which is pretty good.

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truBRAIN Free Trial

There's also the 30 and 60 drinks package. If you are not sure of the product, you can sign up for a free trial. You get 3 drinks free, but you have to pay for shipping. You have 14 days to decide and you can cancel anytime if you want to discontinue with the program.

What is Nootropic? It is smart drug or supplement for memory or neuro enhancers

How truBRAIN Works

For our brain to function well, it needs oxygen. Think Drinks work on the basis of stimulating blood to flow to the brain, which then delivers oxygen and nourishes it at the same time.

Think Drinks Affiliate Program

Think Drinks TruBRAIN has an affiliate program that rewards members with percentage of sales made through member's blog site. If you browse around, you will read rave reviews of Think Drinks on these blog sites. I suggest you read independent report for comparison.

Note: For the record, I am not an affiliate member and will not gain any monetary reward from TruBRAIN for this article.

2. Brain TonIQ by True Toniqs

Brain ToniQ, 'the clean and intelligent think drink' claimed to be the world's first organic and botanical-based drinks.

If you visit their website, you get very little information except for info on people in the True Toniqs team, and the sales page. If you click on 'about us', 'information on the drinks', 'testimonials' or 'contact us' you will be taken to their sales page and with a statement: "We’ll be back with a fresh website". This has been unchanged for several months already.

Despite all these, it is one of the few smart drinks that are available online (including at AND at selected stores in the USA and Canada. They also have distributors in Russia and Turkey.

Still Want a Shot at Brain TonIQ? Try

How Much is Brain TonIQ?

12 cans of Brain TonIQ retails for US$36 per case and for 24 cans, it is US$65 excluding shipping. These prices are for continental US. You will get it cheaper on with 24 cans at US45.50 with free shipping.

No Scientific Research by True Toniqs?

While individual ingredients in Brain TonIQ are well supported by scientific research, there are no documents that are available to support the effectiveness of these ingredients when mixed into one drink.

Brain TonIQ has been in the market since late 2007 and most of the comments from people who have tried, seems to like it.

If it is really that good, the company should publish their scientific findings and have it available on their website, which by the way is still 'under construction'.

Brainwave pledged 10% of their profits to fund research on Alzheimer & Dementia

Brainwave pledged 10% of their profits to fund research on Alzheimer & Dementia

3. Brainwave Smart Drinks

This UK brand claimed their unique combination of ingredients, (pineapple, mango, green tea, jasmine etc.) are good at delivering the natural nutrition that the brain needs for good performance.

Brainwave website has links to various independent studies, but these are for the individual ingredient such as the role of tea in human health, and the combination of L-theanine and caffeine to improve cognitive performance etc. There are, however, no links to reports on the effectiveness of the combined ingredients in Brainwave drinks.

Instead, they claimed to engage Newcastle University’s Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development to interpret the research data from these studies.

We can't get away from the fact that we're targeting anyone with a brain. Because if you have a brain - you must want to look after it

— Richard Baister - Founder & Director of Brainwave

How Much is Brainwave Smart Drinks?

Brainwave is recommended to be taken chilled and is sold for £16 for a pack of 8, £30 for a pack of 16 and £42 for 24 ($25, $46 and $64 respectively). It is available only online.

Kole Alive that claimed to enhance memory and brain performance

Kole Alive that claimed to enhance memory and brain performance

Kole Alive Brain Tonic - Are They Still Alive?

Kole Alive Brain Tonic is the only smart drink manufacturer that claimed to have nutrients in their drink that prevent hangover. They also sells 'Happy" that claimed to enhance positive moods, and "Dreams' that claimed to induce sleep.

However, the website do not have sales page and there is very little news of the product since late last year.

I did several searches for news, comments etc. for year 2015 and there were none. Is the product no longer available? Why?

When you consume product for the brain and it is no longer available in the market, it is scary to think why!

Smart Drinks and Nutrition

There is little nutrition in a smart drink. It has a high sugar and calorie level as well as also high in sodium and cholesterol.

So, Will These Smart Drinks Make You Smarter?

Drinking these Smart Drinks will not make you an Einstein. From forum sites and other social media sites, many claimed to see a subtle change - more alert and slight increase in concentration. They consume it for special events such as examination, important discussion or meetings.

There are also others who claimed that it does 'nothing to enhance cognitive abilities' and it make them anxious and irritable.

Little is known on the long-term effects of these smart drinks on our brain chemistry.

These drinks are marketed as dietary supplements. Unlike medicine manufacturers, smart drinks manufacturers don't have to prove the effectiveness and benefits as claimed in their advertisement.

This probably explained why they don't publish or share any scientific research, if any, on their website. But shouldn't it be their responsibility to do long-term scientific studies and share it with their consumers?

It is important to remember that the statement made by the manufacturer has not been evaluated by the FDA. There are, however, statement from some of these manufacturers claiming that the ingredients have been used safely for decades; FDA approval is therefore, not necessary.

Will You Try these Smart Drinks?

Will You take these Smart Drinks?

Are these products worth trying? Do you really need to 're-energize' your brain?

Me? I don't think I want to mess my brain with these man-made products. I rather stick to the natural stuff like coffee or green tea. I know most of you will probably say 'I will take a red wine any time'

Caffeine is Smart Drug

If you are looking at 'natural stuff', caffeine is probably one of the most effective smart drugs. It works well when you are tired and fatigued, but will make you anxious if you are feeling fine.

You can also do meditation, yoga, attention training and have diets rich in good fats to improve your cognitive powers.

It's your choice really.

Scene in the 2011 movie Limitless, where the smart drug pill make him the cognitively super human.

© 2015 Mazlan A


Mazlan A (author) from Malaysia on June 09, 2019:

Gupi, these are all chemical drinks and best avoided. As suggested by one of the readers, Nancy, drink almond milk instead.

Gupi on June 09, 2019:

This is the first time I have heard of smart drinks. Hmm, I wonder if they work, only one way to find out :)

Great article, very well written.

Mazlan A (author) from Malaysia on January 31, 2019:

Nancy, that is a good suggestion and almond milk is also nutritious.

nancy on January 29, 2019:

I have not heard of smart drink before. I would suggest you drink almond milk instead, if you want to 'energize' your brain power.

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