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Slow Cooker Chili

Here is one of the most delicious recipes for slow cooker chili that you will ever eat.

Here is one of the most delicious recipes for slow cooker chili that you will ever eat.

All About Chili

Chili Con Carne

This hearty dish is a mixture of cubed or ground beef and chili peppers or chili powder. The stew like mixture originated in Texas, where it's often referred to as a bowl of red. In Texas, they don't add beans to the mixture. But in many other parts of the country, beans are considered necessary, as are tomatoes or tomato sauce, and onions. Just as the ingredients vary, so does the flavor. It can range from hot to mild, depending on the amount and type of peppers.

Rescue For Working With Hot Peppers

After working with chili peppers, it's important to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid accidentally burning the eyes or skin. Wearing rubber gloves when working with peppers will remedy this.

Chili Pepper

A smooth skinned pod of the Capsicum family. These peppers range in flavor from mild to fiery hot and vary in color from yellow to red or green. They vary in size from long and narrow to plump and round. Some varieties of chili peppers are eaten fresh, and others are used dried. Chili peppers are also used to make chili paste, hot sauce, ground red pepper, and dried red pepper flakes. Fresh chili peppers can be stored in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator.

Cooking Chili Is The Secret

One of the main reasons chili is so hard to cook in the crock pot or slow cooker is that chili needs to cook down and thicken. The recipe on this page will work in the crock pot but it needs to cook in the slow cooker and be stirred often.

Sides Make Your Chili

With your chili you want to be sure to add little bowls of sour creme, guacamole, diced green onions including the tops, cheese, and jalapeno slices on the side and let people add what they want to their bowls of chili.

Slow Cooker Chili Recipe

I've had a lot of requests for a really great slow cooker recipe for chili so here it is. Its one of the best recipes for slow cooker chili I've ever tried and its really easy to make.

Have you ever wondered where chili got started. For those of you that don't know it is believed that chili was first made in Texas somewhere in the area of Dallas. So you can say that Dallas Texas was the birthplace of chili. And this recipe has real chunks of steak , tomatoes and delicious southwestern seasonings.

Try it and I guarantee you that this slow cooker chili will become a family favorite. Just don't scrimp on your ingredients. Round steak tastes the best of all in this slow cooker chili.

For your slow cooker chili recipe you will need.

1. 2 Pounds Round Steak cut into small 1 inch pieces.

2. 1 Large Purple Sweet Onion Diced Fine.

3. 1 Cup Celery Diced Fine.

4. 1 Twenty Eight Ounce Can Diced Tomatoes.

5. 1 Fifteen Ounce Can Tomato Sauce.

6. 2 Tablespoons Chili Powder.

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7. 1 Tablespoon Ground Cumin.

8. 1 Teaspoon Dried Oregano Leaves.

9. 1 Teaspoon Ground Cinnamon.

10. 1/2 Cup Bell Pepper Diced Fine.

11. 1 Nineteen Ounce Can Kidney Beans.

12. Shredded Cheddar Cheese For Garnish.

You want to start by placing some vegetable oil in a large skillet and then add your round steak cubes to the skillet and keep turning it to brown it on all sides. Once you have the round steak browned pour it into your large crock pot.

Now add all your other ingredients to the crock pot and turn on high. After four hours you will want to turn it down to medium. If your chili gets to thick add a regular size can of chicken broth. After you turn your crock pot down to medium you will want to allow it to keep cooking for 4-6 more hours. I know people will say you don't need to but I like to stir my pot of slow cooker chili about every two hours.

You will want to garnish your bowls of chili as you serve it with shredded cheddar cheese. You may also want to serve small bowls of guacamole , sour cream , and jalapeno peppers on the table for people to add to their chili. You can also serve your slow cooker chili in taco shell bowls for a festive chili party.

This Crock Pot Chili Is So Delicious

If you make this recipe for slow cooker chili please post a comment below and tell us all about it.

If you make this recipe for slow cooker chili please post a comment below and tell us all about it.

Special Tips For Crock Pot Chili

When you make chili in the crock pot always brown your meat before you add it to the crock pot. Unless the recipe tells you not to go ahead and drain as much grease from your meat as you possibly can. Pat your meat with paper towels to remove as much of the grease as you can.

Onions, Garlic, And Simular Items

When you cook items like onions or garlic you want to cook the item until it is done but not browned. I call this soft cooking an item.

Cook Your Chili Down

Quite often I'll cook a chili in the crock pot and then I'll pour it out into a large stock pot and cook it down until it is cooked down and thickened.

Did you make the slow cooker chili? How did it turn out for you? Post your comments , suggestions , tips and questions now.

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