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Slimming World Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Tasty Slimming World half syn Chocolate Brownies

Tasty Slimming World half syn Chocolate Brownies

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Sweet tooth cravings are probably one of the hardest things to cope with when you are on a diet. You know that sugar and most sweet tasty foods are part of the problem when you are trying to lose weight, but cutting them out of your diet completely can be the hardest thing to do. Sometimes you simply can't resist the urge to eat something sweet, and stopping yourself from eating it at all is often 10 times more detrimental to your diet because it will just make you crave it even more and that can lead to binging on it when you have a low day.

So the answer can often be to give yourself a little sweet treat every now and then, and with these Slimming World Chocolate Brownies, which are only half a syn each, you can treat yourself a little more often and not feel guilty about it!

I have made these Slimming World Chocolate Brownies on a few occasions now and they totally hit the spot! The brownies themselves aren't overly chocolatey (sadly not quite as tasty as regular chocolate brownies) but the real treat is the frosting, I swear to you it tastes just like chocolate cheesecake. Even if your not much of a fan of Quark (or have never tried it before) once its mixed up it changes the taste completely.

If I still haven't convinced you on the quark frosting you'll also find a few other ideas for toppings at the bottom!


  • 6 large eggs, separated
  • 60g Cocoa Powder (not hot chocolate)
  • 50-70g Sweetner, adjust to your taste
  • 4tbsp Quark, (for frosting)
  • 2tbsp Sweetner, (for frosting)
  • 2tbsp Cocoa Powder, (for frosting)

How to make these yummy Slimming World Chocolate Brownies

  1. Firstly heat your oven to 180C, gas mark 4 or 350F
  2. Squirt a brownie tin (a baking tin, or separate muffin tins will work just as well) with Fry Light - to make it easier to remove the brownies afterwards you could line with baking paper too!
  3. Whip the egg whites until the create soft peaks - doing this by hand will take a while, but stick with it.
  4. Mix together the yolks, vanilla essence, cocoa powder and sweetener in a seperate bowl. The mixture will be a bit crumb like so add a little of the egg whites to help the ingredients combine better
  5. Once the dry ingredients are combined fold in the rest of the egg whites. Keep folding until the whole mixture has turned chocolate coloured and there are no egg white lumps left
  6. Pour the whole mixture into your cake tin and pop it in the oven for 15-20 mins - the mixture is cooked when it starts to pull away from the sides of the tin and the top is hard to the touch
  7. Once the brownies have cooled mix up your topping, and spread thickly over the entire batch.
  8. Cut the brownies into 25 squares, eat and enjoy!

Extra Ideas

If you fancy mixing your brownies up a little try one of these alternatives:

  • Instead of the cocoa powder in the frosting why not add an Options Hot Chocolate Powder instead (mint or orange chocolate maybe!) , you would need to add 2 syns per sachet, but spread between 25 brownies that's nothing!
  • As above why not add a different flavoured essence to your mix instead of the vanilla! A peppermint would be great at Christmas time, or maybe a caramel or almond! (Check the separate syn value first as some brands are more full of sugar than others).
  • Top with a Muller Light yogurt! A few ladies have topped with the Smooth toffee or orange with chocolate sprinkles - majorly tasty!
  • Mix the quark and sweetener as original, spread over the brownies then top with sliced strawberries or bananas and drizzle with Choc Shot
  • Mix with fromage frais with vanilla essence then top with fresh fruit
  • Top with the original frosting then add a few mini marshmallows for extra tastiness - 1.5 syns for 12g.

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