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Simple Recipe for Calamares – Philippine Street Food and Appetizer

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Squid Rings for Calamares

Squid Rings for Calamares

Calamares has been a favorite appetizer of many Filipinos for years.

It has been served with tomato-based sauces or mayonnaise right before the main dish is served.

It has also been a much loved finger food of the Filipinos.

It is served freshly cooked and drained on a buffet table for guests to enjoy.

Calamares also makes for a great beer food.

In the Philippines, calamares is typically served with ice-cold beer.

Calamares as Philippine Street Food

So popular has calamares been in the Philippines that Filipinos have thought of ways to enjoy this dish everyday at pretty affordable prices.

Thus born the calamares street food!

Much like fishballs, tokneneng, and kwek-kwek, calamares has been sold in the streets of the Philippines.

Filipinos huddle at a calamares stand, wait for the newly battered, deep-fried, and drained calamares to come out of the pan, with hands ready with skewers and looking quite eager.

Quickly after that instant when calamares are dredged up from oil and placed on a platter, they hurriedly choose their favorite squid parts or those that look really crunchy and yummy.

They would place their haul onto a small, rectangular paper plate.

They would then pick each piece with a stick and dip it into a spicy vinegar dip, which they place in another hollowed paper plate.

Actually, there is not much difference between the calamares served in the streets and those served in restaurants except for the dips or the sanitation observed by the cooks maybe.

Calamares served in restaurants are often served with marina sauce or mayonnaise dips while those sold in streets are served with vinegar.

By the way, calamares is a dish that Filipinos adapted from the Mediterranean calamari, which tastes largely the same as the ones prepared in the Philippines.

Now, below is a recipe for calamares – a favorite Philippine street food, appetizer and even beer food.

Recipe for Calamares – Filipino Street Food and Appetizer

Ingredients for Cooking Calamares

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  • all-purpose flour – 1 cup
  • breadcrumbs – 1 cup
  • cooking oil – 2 cups
  • egg – 1 piece; raw; beaten
  • pepper
  • salt
  • squid – 1 kilogram; cleaned; sliced into rings

Steps to Cook Calamares

  1. In a mixing bowl, place squid.
  2. Season squid with salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Mix thoroughly.
  4. Set the mixture aside for about 15 minutes.
  5. After letting the squid stand, mix the squid with flour.
  6. Add in beaten egg.
  7. Mix thoroughly again.
  8. Roll over the coated squid onto breadcrumbs.
  9. In a pan set over high heat, pour in cooking oil.
  10. Allow the oil to heat up.
  11. Deep-fry the squid until it turns golden brown. Note that it is possible to overcook the squid. Cook squid only for about 2 minutes max.
  12. Drain the squid.
  13. Place it on a platter lined with paper towels. The paper towels should take up the excess oil.
  14. Pour in vinegar in a small bowl and mix it with chili and salt.
  15. Serve calamares freshly cooked with the vinegar dip.

Enjoy your homemade Philippine calamares!

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Jarod on January 29, 2013:

I love calamares

Dexter Yarbrough from United States on February 15, 2012:

This looks very delicious. Thanks for sharing!

Mark Pitts from United States on February 15, 2012:

This is much appreciated and will be used! Thank you!

Suzette Walker from Taos, NM on February 15, 2012:

Great calamari recipe! This is very similar to how they are made in Italy and Spain. When I traveled with students to Spain, I always loved to see them experience calamari for the first time. The facial expressions where hilarious from how great! to ugh!.

Deep fried is my favorite way to eat calamari. I had no idea this fish was so well liked in the Philippines.

JNSimmons from Washington, DC on February 15, 2012:

Oh Boy! Now you're talkin'! My husband, my oldest son and I LOVE calamari. I never thought to ever make it at home, though. But now it seems like something I could actually do. Hmmf... Go figure. I'm nervous but I'm gonna give it a try. Thanks so much, Kerlyn!

tenet from Harbin, Heilongjiang China on February 15, 2012:

Thank you so much for sharing Kerlynb!. I so miss calamares. Now I can make my own in China! I have this bookmarked :P

cebutouristspot from Cebu on February 15, 2012:

One of my favorite food . I prefer mine to be dip in garlic sauce sauce if it is available if not the mayonnaise will do. Nice picture you just made my mouth watered

lady rain from Australia on February 15, 2012:

Yummy, this looks so delicious. I love calamari. We don't have calamari as a street food but we can get calamari at the fish and chips shop :D Now I can make some at home with your recipe. Thanks!

asmaiftikhar from Pakistan on February 14, 2012:

thanks k for such a tasty recipe in Pakistan we make the same but with the addition of other spices.I know that is best tasty recipe.Thanks for sharing such a mouthwatering and tempted images and recipe.

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