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Savji Gosht ( Savji Mutton )

Dr Kulsum Mehmood is an Eye Consultant. She likes to write on different topics, be it medical, poems, or other. She loves cooking too.

Savji Gosht ..... Savji Mutton


Savji Gosht ( Savji Mutton )

Serves 4

Ingredients :

Lamb or goat mutton ½ Kg

For marination : :

Medium size onions 3, sliced, fried to brown and crushed with hands

Ginger – Garlic paste 1 tspn

Red dry Chilis 4, ground to a fine paste

Red Chili powder 2 tspns

Turmeric powder ½ tspn

Coriander powder 1 tspn

Lime juice 1 tbspn

Other ingredients : :

Vegetable Oil 4 tbspns

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Mustard Seeds 1 tspn

Cumin Seeds 1 tspn

Spices : : 1 bay leaf, 2 cloves, 6 peppercorns, 1 small stick cinnamon, 4 green cardamoms, 1mace

Ginger – Garlic paste 1 tspn

Garam masala powder 1 tspn

Kasuri methi ( dried fenugreek leaves ) 2 tbspns

Salt to taste

Method :

Wash mutton and place it in a bowl for marination.

Add all ingredients listed above in marination and add salt to taste.

Mix well with hand and let it stand for one hour.

In a pressure cooker, heat 4 tbspns vegetable oil. Add mustard seeds and cumin seeds, and when the seeds splutter add 1 tspn ginger – garlic paste. Fry on low heat with constant stirring till you get a rich smell. Add Spices and stir well. Quickly add marinated mutton, and on medium heat stir well. With constant stirring saute the mutton for about 10 minutes or till the oil starts to separate.

Add a little water and saute some more. Add 2 glasses of water and bring it to a boil. Add garam masala powder and kasuri methi. Check a little gravy for salt.

Put on the lid and pressure - cook on medium heat till the first whistle. Then, on low heat, pressure – cook for about 20 minutes more. Remove from flame and open only after the pressure is released.

Serve hot with roti or bread, some boiled rice and salad. Makes a great dish for lunch or dinner.

© 2022 Dr Kulsum Mehmood

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