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Sampling Subscription Snack Boxes

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There's a variety of subscription snack boxes out there.

Subscription snack boxes come loaded with options.

Subscription snack boxes come loaded with options.

What are they exactly?

Subscription Boxes -- perhaps you've heard of them? Countless companies offer some sort of subscription service where you pay a monthly price and receive a box filled with goodies. Snack boxes offer various snacks from a particular place, such as a unique country or different state in the U.S. Some offer a variety of options from different countries or states at once. Whatever the case may be, each of the options available offers some unique treats to try that you may just love -- (or perhaps not.)


My September 2020 Canada SnackCrate

My September 2020 Canada SnackCrate

Getting started with SnackCrate

SnackCrate provides a variety of snacks each month from a different country. To get started, the site has you provide your name, email, and birthdate. Next, you'll get some questions regarding which country's snacks you'd think would be tastiest. Think about whether you prefer sweet and chocolatey snacks or salty and savory because they'll ask this as well. You can select "mix it up" if you like them all. Choose the size you prefer and then you'll be offered a suggested country to start. You can keep this, pick another, or opt for a mystery version.

Once you are ready to checkout, you will be prompted about a drink. Select "yea!" or "nope" for whether you'd like to add a drink to your box for $5.99. Enter your shipping and billing information and start your trial.

Choose your box size and price.

MiniOriginalFamily Size




5-6 Snacks

10-12 Snacks

18-20 Snacks

My experience

I chose the Canada box. I went with the family size option. I got the discounted, 50% off price, so I only paid $24.99 for my first one and received 22 items. I placed my order on September 7th and had it by September 16th. Overall, everything was pretty good. I wasn't thrilled about their "Thrills" gum, and the maple sucker was nothing but pure maple syrup on a stick, but the chocolate bars were all amazing and so was the Passion Flakie pastry.

Based on my experience, I would definitely order from SnackCrate again, even at the full price.


My September 2020 MunchPak

My September 2020 MunchPak

Getting started with MunchPak

MunchPak offers a variety of snacks from several different countries at once. You simply start by choosing how many snacks you want and opt for a plan. You can either pay the highest price for one month at a time or pay a discounted price for several months at once now to receive boxes for the next 3, 6, or 12 months in a row without another thought about it. You can sign up for their newsletter email to get a 5% discount. I did.

Once you've made your choices, you need to enter your shipping information. You can receive their free shipping or pay a small fee of $4.95 for expedited service. Pay with credit card or PayPal.

Consider the snack amounts and prices

5 Snacks10 Snacks20 Snacks




My experience

I used the 5% discount and chose the 20 snack option. I received 1 snack each from Scotland, Japan, Germany, Trinidad, Turkey, Canada, United States, Taiwan, Netherlands, Italy, and Romania. I got two each from Poland, Pakistan, and South Korea, and three from the United Kingdom.

Overall, there were more snacks my family and I didn't care for than did. It was alright for the discounted price, but I don't know if I'd want to buy it again for the full price. I did really like Poland's paprika sticks, though.

Tokyo Treat

My October 2020 Tokyo Treat Box

My October 2020 Tokyo Treat Box

Getting started with TokyoTreat

You start by selecting whether you want the Premium or Classic plan. You can also choose to pay a larger price now for several month subscription options. They will be discounted from the month-only option. Choose 3, 6, or 12 months.

Enter your name, email address, and password to set up your account. You'll then be able to pay with either PayPal or credit card.

Plan offerings




17 items (drink included)

12 items

My experience

I'm pretty pleased with this company. I ordered September 23rd to get their special Halloween October box. Their site said it would take several days to process and then could take 3-5 weeks to ship. I expected it to arrive near the end of October. Well I got a notification that the box would actually be here on October 5th, (which it was) making it only a total of 12 days from ordering to receiving the box.

They are having you pay for shipping right now but it's due to Covid. For the $45 total you're getting 16 snacks and a drink and they're all coming from Tokyo. I got a full size bag of mini kit kats, some other full size snacks and a large drink, along with some other treats and candies. The drink wasn't my taste (I don't like tea) and there was 1 snack I didn't like. Otherwise, everything was great and the box was so fun. They also do contests to win a free box or special prize if you post to social media.

Try My Snacks

My September 2020 Try My Snacks Box

My September 2020 Try My Snacks Box

Getting started with Try My Snacks

Click "customize your first box now" and you'll be prompted to pick your size. You'll get asked some questions regarding where you may like to travel, which type of snacks you prefer, whether or not you're a picky eater, and whether you have any allergies they should be aware of or religious beliefs that would stop you from being able to eat certain foods. This is nice because no one else seems to be concerned with these things. You can add a drink for $4.95 or choose to upgrade to the VIP package for $13.95. This package boasts 1-3 day super fast shipping, a drink, cold pack, and extra snacks.

Once you've made your decisions, you can pick whether you want to be charged the regular monthly price each time or pay upfront for 3 months or 12 months.

This company donates a portion of their proceeds to the ASPCA, which is nice. They also include a coin from the country you're getting. No one else offers these bonuses so this company has a lot that sets it apart.

Mini PackSingle PackFamily Pack




5+ snacks

10+ snacks

20+ snacks

My experience

I was disappointed with them when I ordered. I chose the family pack and then decided to upgrade to the VIP package. Their site boasted free shipping within 24 hours for everything. It then claimed the VIP upgrade would get you your box within just 1-3 days. Well, I ordered on September 24th and it took until October 2nd to get here. It was 8 days when it claimed it would supposedly be 4 at most. They told me it was because they had an influx of orders come in... I paid for VIP though so my order should have been taken care of first, right? I just feel like they should change their website details and be more honest with themselves and their customers about how long shipping will really take. All the other companies so far were up front that it could take weeks to arrive, so I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived sooner. This one said, "oh we offer super fast shipping", yet didn't deliver on that promise.

Then I received my box. It was much smaller than the other boxes with smaller size packages. I also only received 18 items even though their site said "20+" for the family size and told me I'd get a few extra when paying for VIP. The pamphlet they provide in the box actually says "17-22 items". Again, the correct information should be on their site then and they shouldn't boast more than what they can really provide. I expected more for a box I paid the highest price for. The snacks were all pretty good, so at least there's that.

Update: I checked back on their website and it appears they did make changes to their claims, so that's great to see. It now says in their FAQs that the free shipping within 24 hours excludes weekends and holidays. It also shows that the Family Size box offers between 17-20 items instead of saying 20+.


My September 2020 SnackFever Box

My September 2020 SnackFever Box

Getting started with SnackFever

This box is actually offered by The Daebak Company. (It's my understanding that Daebak means "That's Awesome!" or "Wow!" in Korean.) Go to their menu and look at their subscriptions. Choose SnackFever. (There's 2 others for beauty and jewelry.) There seems to only be 1 size -- the Deluxe option -- but you can pick either a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month plan. The monthly box is $40 plus $4.99 shipping to the U.S. It's said you'll receive 10-13 snacks plus 1 ramen or some other easy-prep meal package. The box ships from South Korea. You'll of course need to provide your email, shipping information, and payment to order.

My experience

Overall I'm pleased with their service. I placed my order on Sept. 29th. I anticipated it taking several weeks before receiving, but DHL actually delivered it on Oct. 11th. It took just 12 days, so I was pleasantly surprised. It also came with 11 snacks, 3 of the same flavor tea packets, and 1 large cup of ramen to make. Several of the snacks were on the large side as well, so that's great. They didn't provide a booklet to tell you what the snacks are like other places, but many you can tell from the pictures on the packages.

The only thing I didn't care for was the seaweed chips. The Fresh Berry cake and the chocolate coin-like cookies were both amazing. The "tea" that was included was also more like a nut-flavored cappuccino mix in my opinion. It didn't have that typical tea flavor and was in a pour-in mix rather than a tea bag. It was decent overall but I could have done without the actual pieces of nuts in the drink. Unusual.

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