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Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Vinegar

Oh, soo good.

Oh, soo good.

Have you ever eaten anything so delicious that it made you think you'd died and gone to heaven? Roasted brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar will do the job. My new daughter-in-law made this for Thanksgiving dinner. I was embarrassed at my two extra helpings.

This is the easiest recipe and so delicious you may just have seconds or thirds. This is so much tastier and less fattening that steaming and slathering them with butter. By the way, you can do this with fresh broccoli or cauliflower as well. Let me know what you think.

I hope you will enjoy this recipe.

* Under nutritional facts, most of the total fat and calories is from the olive oil.

More nutritional facts about Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are so incredibly nutritious we really need to eat more. Brussels Sprouts are extremely high in anti-oxident vitamin C, and also vitamin K. They contain 37 mg. of calcium, 61 mg. of phosphorus and 342 mg. potassium.

Source: Live Strong


  • 1 dozen or so fresh brussels sprouts, (frozen just don't work, besides, they tend to have a bitter after taste)
  • 3 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 - 3 Tablespoons balsamic vinegar
  • 1 clove garlic, minced, (optional)
  • pinch sea salt and pepper
Slice brussels sprouts in half.

Slice brussels sprouts in half.


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Clean brussel sprouts with cold water let drain. Pull off any yellowing or limp looking outer leaves.
  3. Cut the ends off then slice each sprout in half.
  4. Mix the garlic, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Mix in olive oil slowly.
  5. Coat sprouts with mixture.
  6. Lay brussels sprouts out on a slightly greased cookie sheet, cut side down.
  7. Roast about 15 minutes until brown and crispy on the outside. Then turn them cut side up and roast another 5 - 10 minutes.
  8. * Some people prefer their brussels sprouts more tender than others. Use your judgment when testing them.
  9. Now eat, die, and go to heaven.

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Lori Colbo (author) from United States on September 28, 2015:

You are welcome babbvil. I love looking at those racks too. Enjoy.

Barb Johnson from Alaska's Kenai Peninsula on September 28, 2015:

On my menu this week! I love brussel sprouts. I get so excited when I see those beautiful racks of brussel sprouts at market. Can't have enough ways to prepare it. Thanks for the recipe Lori!

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on July 09, 2014:

This certainly looks interesting and delicious!

I am going to try it. Thanks for sharing the recipe details!

Lori Colbo (author) from United States on December 10, 2013:

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Bon apetite Beverly.

Beverly Hicks Burch from Southeastern United States on December 10, 2013:

Great hub on Brussels Sprouts. I just wrote one about the battle of the "bitter balls" in our house and the my eureka moment when I stumbled upon the just right recipe for us. No more battle :)

We love balsamic vinegar, so I can't wait to try this. Thanks!

Lori Colbo (author) from United States on September 23, 2013:

Thanks for stopping by Crafty. It is indeed delicious. You can also cook broccoli, asparagus and and cauliflower this way too.

CraftytotheCore on September 23, 2013:

Hi Lamb! This looks absolutely delicious! I love brussel sprouts. My grandfather used to grow them in his garden. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on July 21, 2013:

Jackie Lynnley sent me, and lemme tell ya, this is going to be tried ASAP. It is one of my favorite veggies, as well as cauliflower.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on July 21, 2013:

I love brussel sprouts and this recipe sounds great. It gets 5 stars. Thanks for sharing it.

Lori Colbo (author) from United States on February 25, 2013:

Hi Bryan I know what you mean about the photo. I hope you enjoy this recipe. It's so simple and it's a very impressive dish when entertaining.

Bryan Cole from California on February 25, 2013:

That picture makes my mouth water. It took me many years to like brussel sprouts, but now they are one of my favorite vegetables to eat (when prepared the way I like of course). Sweet recipe, ill be sure to give this a try.

Lori Colbo (author) from United States on February 24, 2013:

Jeannie, a good thing to keep in mind is that you can substitute with other veggies such as broccoli and cauliflower. Let me know how you liked it.

Jeannie Marie from Baltimore, MD on February 24, 2013:

You know, I have to admit I've never been a fan of brussel sprouts, but I've probably never really given them a chance. I think I will try this recipe and see if I do actually like brussel sprouts since this sounds so tasty. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on February 23, 2013:

Sounds so good, I wanted to try it today, but all I have is frozen, but I will give it a go soon. Love balsamic vinegar so bet I will really like it. Thank you.

Brenda Barnes from America-Broken But Still Beautiful on February 23, 2013:

I am so excited. I love Brussels sprouts. I have some really great balsamic right now and a head of cauliflower. I will try it also. Thanks for the incredibly delicious recipe.

Wesman Todd Shaw from Kaufman, Texas on February 22, 2013:

I sent this to my mother...I thought it would be interesting to try!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on February 22, 2013:

I have never heard of this but I know for a fact Bev will love it. Passing it on to her.

blessings to you my friend,


Ruth Lanham on February 22, 2013:

Sorry for the url in my comment. how can I edit to remove it?

Ruth Lanham on February 22, 2013:

I can't wait to try them. Thanks!

healthy meals from Europe on February 22, 2013:

I need to try these, I love Brussel sprouts. I have tried cooking broccoli the same way and it is heavenly, so crunchy and tasty... I imagine that it is going to be similar with the sprouts. Thanks for the idea!

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