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RightOnTrek Brings You The Meals For Trekkin


Hiking, Camping and the Great Outdoors Is Where It’s At

Television takes a hit when summer comes because more people go outside. But in actuality spending time in the outdoors is something people should do all year ‘round — because it’s healthy and good exercise and a way to enjoy the world. Camping and hiking increased recently because having to be inside was just too much and more people than ever before found the great outdoors, well, a great place to be. So more folks went outside for getting their exercise and moving around and seeing new areas of parks and forests. And hiking definitely is a great way to spend time outdoors, with getting the needed gear for doing it safely and right being a bit of fun in itself.

But one thing that most don’t find enjoyable is having to figure out what kinds of food to bring with them — and that means snacks too — especially if they’re out for the entire day and not just taking a jaunt. Or multiple days. It means a lot of things when the belly isn’t full and all those calories being burned hiking up a mountain trail result in a grumbling tummy. What’s needed are ready to go meals, but not something super complicated or just a jumble of foodstuffs put together without any real idea of what lies ahead, but a sensible and organized meal plan for the day that a person can rely on. And which tastes good too, don’t you know. RightOnTrek understands that because they’re all about made to order backpacking meals that get shipped to you ready for business. Because a proper meal makes hiking or camping pleasant and enjoyable.


A Good Meal Makes A Good Day

RightOnTrek will let you customize your meals for multi-day use, go ala cart or sell you a BackCountry Meal Kit that’s a full day nicely compacted in a carry sack with even a carabiner pinching at the top. So we went with BackCountry #2 and #5; for example found in #5 (Vegetarian) is plenty of protein packed, calories-restoring edibles, broken down by Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: from Cranberry Walnut oatmeal and of course dark coffee (condiments provided), to lunch with Vegan jerky (more flavorful, less spicy in our opinion) and snacks like a Chex mix, raisins, Montana-made Lentil Crunchers and a dried fruit bar. For dinner there’s Bechamet style Mac and Cheese, a chocolate bar and hot tea (note: not a complete list of what #5 provides).

But what about for those not going the Vegan route — that’s where #2 comes in (and again not a complete list): for breakfast there’s a Cheesy Mushroom Egg Scramble and crackers, with lunch hitting on Beef jerky, cheddar cheese, 3-seed crackers and a granola bar. Dinner sees Chicken Alfredo Pasta and a chocolate bar and hot tea.

Because we really liked the looks of that Cheesy, we took an early morning hike just so we could try it out. And yeah the effort of bringing what was needed to be able to cook/heat it up and eat in a relatively civil manner might have seemed a bit excessive, but still it was worth it — surprisingly fluffy and tasty. And the coffee slip was fine too.

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Some Meal Examples

RightOnTrek, as noted earlier, makes their meals available outside of the kits, for example there being a method for creating multi-day meal plans. But instead, let’s explore just what they offer ala carte and which are referred to as Adventure Meals:

Breakfast — Banana Bread Oatmeal, Blueberry Bliss Granola with Yogurt, Hearty Morning Coconut Granola and Savory Mountain Grits, and the Cheesy Scramble and Cranberry Oatmeal previously noted.

Dinner (but hey if you prefer it as lunch go ahead) — Backcountry Chili and the Mac and Cheese previously noted, Chicken Alfredo Pasta and Chicken Coconut Curry, General Tsoys Mountain Rice and Hearty Beef Bolognese. Also High Country Pad Thai and Vegan Shepard’s Stew, Broccoli Beef Stroganoff and Cauliflower Forest Chicken Risotto.


RightOnTrek’s website does more than just offer purchases — they provide details for planning one’s next hiking adventure and noting custom itineraries created by the hiking community gathered on the site. Custom maps can be ordered and tailored for one’s pace, starting point and season and of course building a trail menu from their edibles is right there — and for sure they’re concerned about sustainability and the environment. For more details go to

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