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Review of Wendy's Breakfast Options: Gravy and Biscuit

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A Brief History

Opened by founder Dave Thomas in 1969 and named after the founder's daughter, Wendy's opened in Ohio. By 1979, just ten years later, the chain had expanded to over 1500 restaurants. It was also known as the first fast-food establishment to introduce a salad bar.

By the 1990s the restaurant had expanded to over 6,000 locations and had acquired several other eateries.

In 2020, they introduced a breakfast line, hoping to attract morning customers.

Biscuits and Gravy

There is a lot to be said about biscuits and gravy. Generally, a warm flaky chunk of bread with a delicious sausage (or bacon) gravy drenched over it.

Some places kind of reverse the name - which doesn't really make sense to me. However, looking at Wendy's, it seems pretty obvious why they did this and that is to put the emphasis that you get a biscuit to accompany a rather small portion of gravy.

The gravy itself isn't very flavorful - kind of the cheap tasting, instant stuff you get in the grocery store, with dehydrated slices of sausage which are designed to enhance taste and give it substance.

Unfortunately, the addition failed in this instance.

The biscuits were not light and flaky, but tasty like play dough that had been left out in the sun a little too long. The gravy was sparse and lacked any flavor or bite.

Compared to McDonald's this place would be found in some back alley.

I would advise skipping the gravy biscuit sampling and anything involving their biscuit altogether.

RestaurantCalories Biscuit and GravyProtein

Carl's Junior


9 grams



9 grams



9 grams

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Bacon and Seasoned Potatoes

Bacon and Seasoned Potatoes


For kicks, I decided to try a side of bacon and some of their seasoned potatoes. They did not offer hash browns or any other sort of potato cake, so I opted for these, which according to the workers, were absolutely delicious.

Well, they were not that bad to be honest, just your typical seasoned wedges which were probably that way when they were taken from the freezer.

The bacon tasted off. Like it was turkey bacon or Sizzlelean. Also, the portion was small. You got two small halves - which is one slice. When I order bacon as a side at McDonald's or any other place, you get two hearty slices.

I couldn't imagine a bacon sandwich from that place for breakfast and that happens to be my favorite breakfast meat. I already know how I feel about the other options.

America's Favorite?


America's Favorite

Well, that is a pretty bold (and inaccurate) statement. I don't think it is America's favorite burger place either...although years ago, it used to be pretty good.

I didn't really care for anything I had this morning and it was worth the five or six dollars I shelled out to get a sample. I thought about trying something like the bacon croissant or perhaps their version of the Egg McMuffin but I don't think I will go back.

I honestly cannot recommend this place and the hours they've established - the drive-through opens at 6:30 (not 6:00 or 7:00) and the interior restaurant at 9:30 (not 9:00 or 10:00).

I think the half-hours are some marketing ploy, that unfortunately will probably not work. You have to open a little earlier and probably keep your drive-through and inside restaurant hours more compatible.

Either way, I wish the restaurant luck, but I will not be going back.

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